Thursday, November 12, 2009

I love lists

1. Have you ever thought something about yourself only to realize that it totally is not true? Example: I always thought I was fairly patient (not super-patient, but more so that others I guess), and it turns out I'm totally not.

2. I've been reading FML all day, which is fun, but I keep laughing out loud, and have to cover it up since I'm at work.

3. I have a funeral director's meeting tonight.  Not thrilled about it, but wev, Woody, Jaime and Barbara will be there.

4. I need a nap.


Carrie said...

1. My patience depends on what I am waiting for. In line at the DMV? Ok. Waiting for someone who knows I am waiting for them and taking their sweet time anyway? I want to kill you.

2. I like lists too!

Uncle Skip, said...

I'm sure I could comment about:
1. things that lean, or
2. guys wearing metal suits, carrying lances and charging at one another on big horses

Those kind of lists aren't as labor intensive as written lists. Trust me ;-)

a different Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah... as a counter to FML may I suggest It Made My Day - Little Moments of WIN.

or you can do both sites and not get any work done - just sayin'