Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boot Barn

On Saturday we were in Bakersfield visiting family and Woody's parent's wanted to have Georgia pick out her birthday present, so we went to Boot Barn. Now, I know it might seem like a poor choice for a place to find a three-year-old a gift, but it isn't. Last year they bought G a pair of pink cowboy boots, a pink suede cowgirl outfit, a pink cowboy hat, and a rocking horse that sings, and she loved it. The shoes she has now grown out of, so it was time for another pair of cowboy boots, and we went to Boot Barn to let her pick the new ones out herself. She decided on a pair of boots that are brown and dark blue, with a cowboy riding a horse on them and blue flashing lights in the heel that light up every time she steps. Very cute, even if I have the slight sensation of a seizure when I watch them flash. She also picked out a pink dress with an attached tutu and a rhinestone (I really want to type rhinestone cowboy, but it's not one) horse's head. Nice.

Anyway, what I want to discuss is Boot Barn. That place is awesome. I cannot tell you how many different pairs of boots I tried on, but it was a lot. Like, I'm fairly certain that Boot Barn gift certificates will be on my Christmas list. And not only do I lovelovelove the boots, there are some super cute shirts, as well as hats and jeans and EVERYTHING. I kinda wish I had cows and sheep and stuff, just to justify having a work wardrobe full of plaid, snap-up shirts and stamped leather belts and stuff. But, really, I just want the clothes, I can't stand horses and cows are boring. And guess what? THERE'S A FRACKING BOOT BARN IN CLOVIS! How have I never been there???


Uncle Skip, said...

How can there not be a boot barn in Clovis?

Carrie said...

I want boots.

timidvenus said...

Me too, Car-bear. Bad.