Friday, November 06, 2009

All Day I Dream About Sara

1. I hate that when I remember that the 's' in adidas stands for Sara I then get the song by Korn stuck in my brain for like a day and a half.

2. Today is Georgia's third birthday.

3. I had an awesome dinner last night at Veni Vidi Vici with Woody. I had a tomato cilantro bisque (isn't it strange that I love tomato soups, but I hate tomatoes?) and an awesome salad with spinach and carrots and pickled onions and some other stuff. Very yums.

4. This week has been stressful at work. I am very busy and very tired.

5. I needed to get some gel for work and had my co-worker get a tub of this stuff for me, it is the BEST. HAIR. PRODUCT. EVER. It's called "Moco de Gorila" (Gorilla Boogers) and it rocks.

6. After dinner last night we had drinks at Landmark, and that chick that plays the Mandolin is awesome. Like crazy awesome.

7. We're going to Bakos this weekend, and might come back Saturday, or maybe Sunday, and on Sunday night are going to John's Incredible Pizza for GG's birthday.


Carrie said...

I see joint cousin birthday parties in the future...Happy birthday G!

Anonymous said...

Gorilla Boogers WBAGNFARB

Justin said...

wait, the s in adidas doesn't stand for Sara. Ed can correct me if I'm wrong, but Adidas is a contraction of Adolf (Adi) Dassler, the creator of Adidas.

Adam said...

Well, you're right about that Justin, and I think Sara is still wrong about the Korn song. I think the lyrics of the song are, "All day I dream about sex."

Adam said...

Also, Gorilla Boogers = best product name after Nads.

timidvenus said...

Um, so, not only did Korn get it wrong (which isn't hard to believe), but apparently so did the founder of Adidas? Unbelievable.

Justin said...

and I would submit dz nuts in the race for best product name.

edluv said...

oh adolf dassler, you innovator of shoe. he did go by adi, and when he split from brother rudolf he named his company adidas.

but sara is right, the acronym is all about her.