Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend in a nutshell

Went to mom and dad's tonight for dinner and a game of dominoes.
1. I never win.  When they change the rules so that the highest points wins, I'm all over it.  Don't get me wrong, its totally fun, but I just don't win.  Also, I have to count the dots when I lose.  Totally can't add (we play with double fifteens though, so in my defense those are a bit harder than double sixes).
2. We had soup, salad, tuna, crackers, salami, and... wait for it... garlic bread (the Rutherfords don't have a meal without garlic bread, it's like water to us).
3. I dont really have anything to put in the #3 spot, but a list of just two is lame.

Tomorrow I have to work.  It's Columbus day, and Woody has the day off, but my funeral home os open, so I'll be there, and wish I was having a day off too.  What a bummer to start the day off already feeling like I'd rather be hanging out wherever gg and Woody end up.

My weekend on call was okay, not too busy. Worked Saturday a bit, and ended up having a family to meet today, but they were really nice, and wanted to know about me and why I liked working in the funeral home and gae me a hug when they left.  Very nice people.


Carrie said...

I'm sorry I missed you this weekend. I am so glad you are back on blog again though. And Picture Fresno is way fun!

timidvenus said...

Thanks, Car!!