Thursday, October 08, 2009

I think i'm back

Now with punctuatuion!!

1. I have not been a good blogger lately
2. I have missed everyone
3. Sorry *wink*

Picture Fresno starts on Saturday.  I am stressed, but excited.  Check out me on a podcast, and in this month's Undercurrent.

I also have another sappy article in the Undercurrent as well, and you can read it here.


George Rutherford said...

I can't get the podcast with my laptop. I'll try your mom's.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...


Uncle Skip, said...
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Uncle Skip said...

'bout time, kiddo.
I missed all of those links on the left side of the blog.

I resent the fact that you don't think anyone gets up before noon on Saturdays. What about all of the folks who never went to bed on Friday night?

I also find it a little ironic that your mom isn't involved in Picture Fresno

Justin said...

welcome back. I've tried checking on your blog, but it said that I had been blocked, or had not been granted access, or something of that nature. I got to this page from the Picture Fresno site.
Were you trying to block me from your site?