Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why is it

That some songs are ALWAYS good?

Example: Rocket Man

And I think its gonna be a long long time...

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auritus said...

Ever since they played Rocket Man on Nip/Tuck while the woman with breast cancer lay dying after taking sleeping pills and putting a bag over her head while the married doctor she was having an affair with sat and watched her die.. well I don't know how I feel about Rocket Man.

Carrie said...

I loooove Rocket Man!

Burning out his fuse up here alone.I totally had to look that up.

edluv said...

rocket man is great, and i think it speaks to the tragedy of elton john passing away after 1980. i mean, dude did rocket man, bennie and the jets, don't go breaking my heart, saturday night's alright for fighting, crocodile rock, daniel, and tiny dancer. all magical.

what, elton john didn't die @ the end of the 70's? he started making music that was just pants? he redid candle in the wind? seriously? ah man.

Anonymous said...

Rocket Man is ALWAYS good. You're right. Ed's playlist is very close to my heart, as are Sir Elton John's ridiculous get ups and bitchy antics.