Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rogue on a Thursday

It's funny what you can learn from old people. Not only are there words that we just don't use any more (dope, foundry (uh, am I spelling that right?)...), but there is history that you can't find in the history books.

Charlie (charlie and the chocolate porno factory) is a guy that gets coffee at Revue in the mornings, that I've come to know just a little. His rogue performance was one I went to tonight and he grew up in fresno. He talked about things like avocado lake (it really is a place) and vietnam, and washington jr high, that are unknown to us semi-olds that have grown up here.

Now, I've always been a bit vain (I know, hard to believe) about my hometown, and the area surrounding the eden that is Fresno, and have been to a lot of the places that make this place great, but I never noticed that fresno isn't just what I've experienced, its a lot more.

I texted my dad (born in Fresno, raised in Chowchilla, then back to fresno again) about avocado lake, which is unknown to me. This was his respose "It's on the Kings River out Belmont to Piedra Road then south a little. People drown there a couple times each summer. It's east of town." Dude, I'd never even heard of it. So, there's one thing I learned.

Another thing: Lsd is still lsd. Strange, yes, but true.

So, I know that a bunch, if not all of you, didn't see Charlie's show, but it was great. And maybe, if were lucky, he will be there again next year.
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Uncle Skip, said...

Y'know, we don't just learn from old people. We learn from each other. It's just a little less subtle when we learn from those who have been here awhile.

Carrie said...

ha ha, semi-olds!

Skip said...

There is something to be said for the word mature. It covers a lot more territory and is less inflammatory.

edluv said...

he's done the same show for like the last 4 years, so i imagine he'll do it next year, too.

and your dad is right, about 4 people a summer drown their.

Adam said...

Drown their what, Ed?

Justin said...

How could you not have heard of Avocado Lake? I've never been there myself, but it is an annual news story about people drowning.

Monticore said...

I really am not a fan of Charlie but hey it takes all kinds.And the bad joke about Avocado Lake is that it is where all the Mexican's go to get drunk and drown. Lost Lake is where the Hmongs go to get drunk and drown. Sorry I had to bring the racist humor on to your blog. I do like 10 hail Mary's.