Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yay america!

We have an amazing country

And I am awed at my americans and my leader.

This is an important time and I am honored and blessed to be included

And jay-z is great. Beyonce too. And sting *sigh*.

Ray ramano (or wev his name is) I could do without.
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Adam said...

Yeah, Ray was what made me turn the TV off.

Uncle Skip, said...

He's been like that ever since his mother moved in.

Carrie said...

What did Ray do?

Uncle Skip, said...

I don't think it's so much what he did. It was more like he was out of sync with everyone else. Too bad because in another context, it might have been really funny.

"Yay America!" is exactly the right sentiment. We have again changed leaders and found new hope. We have shown faith that our system of government works. It may be a slow plodding process that veers in strange directions at times, but it works.

George Rutherford said...

We have a teacher whose wife went to H.S. with President Obama. Isn't that something. I agree with Skip again.