Monday, January 12, 2009


I was just behind a large red truck (in clovis) that had a large red calvin peeing on the word "liberals" sticker. Funny.

1. Is that type of thing really necessary? I mean, you're in clovis, and you drive a ford. I think it goes without saying.

2. Where can I get one of those for my car?
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Adam said...

Probably the same place that I got one that is Calvin peeing on R. Kelly.

Uncle Skip, said...

...or a rodeo or a logging conference.

Carrie said...

Boo to the bastardization of Calvin!

Demirep said...

Ugh. That's all I have to say.

auritus said...

I will send you one for your birthday. Also a set of truck nutz.

Monticore said...

Oh Please Sara... You are so lying. You love us liberals and besides urine is sterile so what harm are you really doing. Now Calvin taking a dump that's another story.

Lulu said...

haha truck nutz, those things are so ridiculous that I just cant help but laugh.

And yes Sara that is rather redundant to have that sticker if you are driving a Ford and living in Clovis. Since I basically work in Clovis and live in Fresno I often think of the differences in the pople I see driving in both cities. So close in proximity but so far away in so many other ways.

Uncle Skip, said...

I don't have anything against ________________ [fill in the blank]. Some of my best friends are ________________ [fill in the blank].

the difference between liberals and conservatives

Gye Greene said...

Bill Watterson (sp?), the artist of Calvin and Hobbes, had good integrity: he refused to license the images for calendars, t-shirs, coffee mugs, for a quick $$$ -- unlike Snoopy/Peanuts, Far Side, and etc.

So: any of those "Calvin" things you see are a major copyright infringement.