Monday, January 05, 2009

Car trouble

So, I went to my mom's church today on my lunch break to drop off some things for a funeral that they're having this week and I went to start the belvedere, which went fine, and I was driving out of the driveway of the church as it started making a weird noise. So, I stop and turn off the engine and sit there for a minute before I turn it on again. Well, its a bit blurry as to what happened next, but I know I turned the key and it kept trying to turn over (that's sight, right? turn over=try to start?) and a few seconds later brownish grey smoke is POURING out from the bottom of the steering column and sparks are shooting out of the key hole. So, I got out of the car and start running (what a sight, me in a skirt and heels, hauling ass across a parking lot, trying to get far enough away so that I don't get burned by flying hot debris as the car explodes) as fast as I can to get back to the church office. I almost fail to notice the pastor that flew past me with a fire extinguisher, as I'm dialing 911 ("um, yeah, can you connect me with the fire department?" "Do you have and emergency?" "Well, my car is on fire, I'm just not sure what to do, but pastor mejia has an extinguisher..." "Are you in the car???") By this time my mom is outside too, and I reek of burned plastic (yes, plastic. No, I don't know why), and I'm not worried that debris will hit me. So, the fire guys show up, and woody came to take me back to work, and hopefully the belve will be good as old someday soon.
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edluv said...

gawd i love that car. it's too bad that it's had so many issues. alas, that's older cars.

Lulu said...

Yikes! That sounds frightening. I am glad you are ok (despite your new burned plastic perfume). It was a really funny visual to picture you running frantically in heels from your car though. I am sure you looked just like a Charlies Angel;)

Carrie said...

Dude, scary Sar! I'm glad you got out ok!

Adam said...


Mejia is a nice guy. I worked with him for a while. Glad he was there to help out and that you survived.

Uncle Skip, said...

"Do you have and emergency?"
"Are you in the car???"

It's like telemarketing... only in reverse. They have a script and you have to let them finish it. I think they believe it helps to calm the caller.

I'm glad you're okay,

duble-u said...

the belvey will live again! can i borrow money from anyone?

Gye Greene said...

Script: I've heard that it provides structure; and ensures that no information is missed (i.e. that they hit all the stops).