Sunday, December 28, 2008


We just got out of the movie "the spirit" which was strange.

1. It was rated PG. Maybe its that I don't go to movies very often, but it seemed that the abount of amunition in the flick would warrant at least a PG-13

2. The one review I read of it gave it a half of a star (out of four or five stars, I don't remember (but does it matter?)) so I don't think I was expecting much, and thought it wasdefinately better than a half-star review. And the reviewer said it was confusing, but after a bit it really wasn't. Maybe they were high.

3. Eva Mendez's butt shows up nude. Now, she has a nice rear, but the funny part was the sigh from the man behind us. It was hi-flippin-larious

4. You should watch it.
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edluv said...

you know, someone else told me that they were confused by sam jackson's character, they didn't quite get who he was or something to that effect. i don't know, i thought you got a pretty good idea who he was in the first scene (when they say his name & who he is in the credits) and then in the first fight they set up the rest.

really, there is so little in that movie to be confused about. that is, assuming you ever watch a movie that doesn't tell you every plot detail to come in the first 5 minutes.

and woody, kasey and i were talking about eva mendes and the reaction of the people around us. funny. i figure that so much of the movie is stylized and cgi'd and cleaned up that i doubt it was actually her rear. at least not in the same way as if she was standing there, in real life in front of you.

i enjoyed it.

vanessa said...

thank you for the review. with dan being the kind of fellow who drools over comic books, he was really excited about the release, but after the terrible reviews we were both a little unsure.

eva mendes is super hot; i probably would have sighed too.

you should be a film critic because obviously you're smarter than the guys out there doing it.

aside: it was fun to hang for christmas even if you are TOTALLY weirded out by my relationship with your cousin.

Lulu said...

Yeah I wasn't really confused. There were no gaping holes in the plot or anything. I didnt have a problem following it and I wasnt exactly sober.

It took me awhile to get into it though, I wasn't understanding the humor right away and wasnt sure if they were serious or trying to be funny. Once I got that there was indeed a sense of humor to the film I liked it a lot better. It was visually cool to watch too, I liked the comic book special effects.

I enjoyed it as well.

timidvenus said...

vanessa- fyi, there are a lot of things i should be because im smarter than people. also, its not that im weirded out, but its DANIEL for heavens sake, and VANESSA, for the love of all that is holy! youre like 14 years old in my mind, and he is like an immature punk (whom i love dearly). although his insanely good taste in reading does move him up like one notch in maturity. anyhoo, wev, you guys may as well have my blessing. lol. *barf*

duble-u said...

there were times in the movie that i thought that sam was actually sam and not the character he was supposed to be playing; i guess it is good to leave your mark. He is the only s.l.j.

Gye Greene said...

#3: LOL. :)