Sunday, December 07, 2008


I finished the fourth- and last - of the twilight books this week. the second book was my least favorite, but the series was thoroughly enjoyable. Its funny though, my favorite was the fifth book, the unfinished one. The author started writing the first book from the perspective of Edward, one of the two main characters, and about halfway through was having it proofed by some friends, one of whom posted the 264 page story on the clickyweb. The author was (rightfully) furious and decided to post the unedited version on her site for all to read, not sure that she would end up finishing this fifth story (which I hopehopehope she does). Anyway, I'll post a link to the fifth book, and encourage you to check it out, as it really is the best one of all of them.
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Becky said...

Please do! I would love to read the fifth. I too, didn't really like the second book but understood the need of it for the sake and the development of the series. It was a fun series to read.