Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas tree lane

So, I've had the stomach flu since friday. Georgia got it wednesday, woody got it saturday early. For some reason I still feel gross, but was in need of fresh air, so we decided to go down christmas tree lane tonight (well, that and if we had to watch finding nemo a third time today (or 8th time this weekend) we would die). One of the displays in a yard is of a rather large snow man, made of three huge tumble weeds painted white and stacked as if they were huge snowballs. Now, that is just plain clever. Also, it reminded me of college. My roommate, sam, was from new jersey, and although very smart, just about died the first time she saw a tumble weed. She had thought they were these fake, made-for-old-westerns, props, and hadn't imagined that they were real things. So, I didn't really give her a hard time about it, seeing as how I was much more naive than she in seemingly everything except tumble weeds, but always found it hilarious. Actually, on those dry, windy days where they build up on the sides of roads I still laugh a bit at her expense. So, there's my story.
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Uncle Skip, said...

I saw a tumbleweed near the Weed airport on I-5 this morning. I had all but forgotten about it because after that we saw more snow than I care to deal with when I am driving.

I will send you the latest picture of Nemo.

George Rutherford said...

Your mom wants to know if you chewed wintergreen lifesavers and I'd like to know if you had Taco Bell then went home to hot chocolate.