Thursday, December 04, 2008

bored at work

for having had such a busy week, i sure have been bored today.

my coworker, ben, and i were chatting just a bit ago and he was telling me about the greatest worst movie ever made, the room, released in 2006 (i think), and how they are doing showings of it in la, and these crowds of people show up and yell at the screen and throw things at it, and it seems that a good time is had by all. just for a bit of reading, here is a review of the movie, and even though its long, it is definitely worth reading every last word. really a riot.

so, i guess twilight is off the hook as the worst movie ever, which makes me feel less guilty about needing to see it again.


m.wise said...

that's good, because there is nothing wrong for liking the movie, right? if you like it you like it, no matter the reason. just look at my love of point break. but i'm just rambling. hope all is well. talk to you later.

Uncle Skip, said...

I like the part where the reviewer said, "He is a tantalizing mystery stuffed inside an enigma wrapped in bacon and smothered in cheese."

Monticore said...

Mike there is nothing wrong with Point Break that is an awesome flick. "I am an FBI agent!"