Monday, October 13, 2008


now, most of you wont read this article, but it was really good. it was in last months parents magazine and is about why moms should vote. its a bit of a pain to read the whole article, you kinda have to navigate through ads and stuff, but it really had some decent stuff in it. anyhoo, if you feel like reading it, go ahead.


Uncle Skip said...

I was watching something on TV the other night. What blew me away were the people who had no idea how many senators there are. Others didn't even know how many states there are.
Yes, mothers should vote. Everyone who's eligible should vote. But they should be informed before they vote.

Demirep said...

I can dig that article, even not having children. I thought her point about evaluating your own political leanings instead of going along with how you've been coached was valid for all women.

Maybe we should just enfranchise children...

Demirep said...

Oh, and Uncle Skip, I think it would be nice if people were informed before they cast their ballot, but I think that they aren't gives us a more representative sample of the population.

Adam said...

Lol Demirep.

It was a nice article. I think it's definitely an idea that could be expanded to the general population.

Though, I was interested in the implication of the article that men who are fathers aren't attached to their children enough to fight for peace. I mean, the piece was done for Parents Magazine and not Mothers Magazine.

But then again, the idea of father's carrying the typical burden that mothers historically have is a relatively new development in parenting and so those dads who do stay home and burp children and do the shopping and all the other activities mentioned in the article can probably relate just as well.