Thursday, October 30, 2008

my work space

here are some photos of my desk (they can all be connected, i took them in order):
this first one is the left side of my desk. the window opens (thank god) and looks over the parking lot and across the street. the files are the cases i am currently working on, and then my phone, my calendar, by cute magentic message board and bulliten strips, my colored pen set (you have NO idea how boring black and white is to look at all day), and my stapler:
then theres my cup-o-tools, lotion (behind the cup), a note pad, envelopes, and a small set of drawers with stamps, labels, push-pins, etc inside, and tape and paper clips on top, a lamp that doesnt get used and my printer:
here you see the in boxes for myself and two other employees, a calendar (not mine, i share), and my computer. that is the end of my space. notice the chaos that begins there:
and keeps going until the end of the desk:


Gye Greene said...

Your notion of "chaos" is clearly more restrictive than mine... :)


Gye Greene said...

Sorry: could you plz clarify the function of the colored pens? Are they just there for the color of their cases -- or because you like to vary the color of what you write?

Speaking of writing in different colors: check out the Stroop tests --

Apparently, it's harder to read a list of colors when the font is of a color different from the word (e.g. "blue", but in a red font color).

You should use your colored pens to write a list of colors and try it out on your co-workers. :)


Uncle Skip, said...

Well I photoshopped your desk. I probably would have come out a little better if you'd stayed in exactly the same spot as you shot the pictures.

timidvenus said...

gye- its funny, i can live in the messiest house and not be bothered, as long as countertops (kitchen, bathrooms) are clutter-free, and im that way with my work space too i guess. that, and im big into doing things the easy way, and that usually requires things being organized.

and the pens are different colored because i like to write in different colors. i have to use black pens (sometimes i cheat and use grey) for all the official documents that i have families sign, but for notes i write to myself, or messages or whatever i use any and all colors available to me.

uncle skip - that is soooooo cool.

Justin said...

I think it's a god theme for a blog meme or whatever they are called. Maybe tomorrow I will take pictures of my desk for the blog.

By the way I will be in Fresno for more than a week at Christmas, so if I don't get to see you guys this time it's on you!

Adam said...

Bummer that your window is so far from your computer.

I'm looking outside right now. What a beautiful overcast day. Perfect weather for Halloween.

Uncle Skip, said...

What kind of palm tree is that?

timidvenus said...

adam- i dont use the computer much, i have a bunch of paperwork at the window side of the desk, so it works out.

uncle skip - i'll find out

Carrie said...

They cut down a tree across the quad from me to build an extension to the Engineering II building here on campus. So temporarily, I have an ocean view from my office window. It's the only time I've been happy to see a tree get the ax.