Wednesday, October 29, 2008

masis ararat cemetery

there is a cemetery her in fresno out on belmont, ararat cemetery, that is an armenian cemetery. its the one that william saroyan is buried in, and is an old cemetery as far as valley cemeteries go. anyhoo, just behind it is a cemetery called masis ararat, and its a small, newer armenian cemetery owned by the same board as the old one. i dont like it as much because its boring being so small, and the headstones are all flat. but i had a service at it this morning, and levi and i got there a bit early, so i walked around and read the headstones (one of my favorite things to do, and a good place to find interesting names for children and pets). in the middle of the cemetery is a section for upright monuments and benches, and i was looking at this one:

and i thought to myself, 'i went to school with a guy named hovig' and it turns out it was the same guy (working at the funeral home that services most of the armenian funerals i just asked about him when we got back). so that was strange.

then, in the center of the center part of benches and monuments is this tall tower of granite with an eagle attacking a snake (i think) and a plaque that talks about the armenian genocide, which i was unaware of (for the most part). anyway, the wiki on it was very interesting.

also, i learned how to write my name in armenian.

quick question for guys:
do you get as pissed when girls leave the toilet seat down as i do when you leave the toilet seat up? cuz im pissed.

and a sidenote:
i have a note pad at work that is pink and has a picture of pam on the office. across the top it reads 'dunder mifflin, this is pam' and i am WAITING for the opportunity to say that when i answer the mortuary phone.


Uncle Skip, said...

"a good place to find interesting names for children and pets."
Not to mention that you might find AGNFARB.

"do you get as pissed when girls leave the toilet seat down?"
The short answer is no. And I try to remember to put the seat down when I'm done... the lid, too.

Bek said...

I can't believe you didn't know about the Armenian Genocide. I wrote a paper about it (it is kind of long but if you want to read it let me know)

Gye Greene said...

Toilet seat: I'm secure in my masculinity, and I try to minimize housework.

So, at home I always sit down: when you stand up and pee, you generate a fine mist of urine that then condenses on the floor around the toilet -- which is why men's toilets are more likely to smell like pee than women's toilets.

Out and about, though, I use urinals.


Gye Greene said...

Oh: Weird about finding they guy from high school in a cemetery.

I like old cemetaries: I agree that the newer ones tend to not have as nice of stonework. (Has the price of stonemasonry risen faster than inflation?)


Gye Greene said...
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George Rutherford said...

Very wise, Gye.

Gye Greene said...

(Typo; trying again)

The Office (US version) is one of my favorite shows: It's on my "wish list" for Father's Day/birthday/Christmas (so far, just have DVD season 1).

timidvenus said...

uncle skip- wow, the lid too??? i didnt know any of you existed!!!!

bek- yes, i know. your sister is a history-idiot. and i would lovelovelove to read your paper (are there vampires in it?)

gye- a fine mist, eh? i chuckled.

gye- what is stonemasonry? like headstones? i guess i think stonemasonry sounds complicated, like a bunch of pieces of stone being put together, and i suppose it really means something different. anyhoo, i havent noticed a change in the price in recent years, but then, i dont pay much attention to anything. and, i have noticed that the older headstones are better, but then again thats just an opinion, and has a lot to do with me liking the simplistic older styles of markers, not the new, laser-etched POSs that are around all over the place now.

gye- im not a huge ofice fan, my hisband likes it though, and sometimes i cant help but be distracted into it (unless i have a good book), but i do really like pam.

dad- very wise, indeed. lol

gye- i figured :)

Uncle Skip, said...

GG - I think you're the first guy, that I've come across, who admits to taking a seat... at home or anywhere. You are correct it does avoid a mess and the smell.

TV - not a history idiot... chronologically challenged :-D

Gye Greene said...


Stonemasonry and cost: Hm -- I'm pretty sure that's the right term. Carving the names and dates in; shaping the headstones; general sculpting; etc.

You're probably not old enough to have noticed the price/cost difference: I'm talking maybe WWII and before, vs. 1980s (1970s?) and after. My general impression is that the older stuff has more "character" (even for middle-class families), whereas the newer stuff seems more generic and mass-produced.

So -- just like college costs (and housing prices, etc.) have increased faster than the rate of inflation, maybe headstones were more affordable for the average family, back in the day?

Uncle Skip: Just secure in my masculinity. (Plus, it gives me an excuse to sit there and read a bit.)

FWIW, I also took my wife's name when we got married: she's still the same surname, whereas I hyphenated mine.


Demirep said...

I recently fell into a toilet where the seat had been left up. Grrrr. I commiserate with you.

timidvenus said...

uncle skip- i had to read the chronologically challenged comment to woody, as he was wondering why i was laughing so hard.

also, are you coming for thanksgiving??

gye- i wondered if you both had hyphenated names...did you put her name before yours or yours first? i wonder because if yours is first it would seem easier, like you just have to remember the last part, not remember to add something in the middle.

and ill have to ask some of the olds around work about the prices of headstones and inflation. now im curious.

demirep- really, thats the WORST thing to have happen. EVER.

timidvenus said...

i wiki-ed 'stone masonry' and it had different definitions of typws of stone masons. and the last one that was on there:
Memorial masons carve gravestones and inscriptions.

Adam said...

I put both down. Thank my cats for training me on that one.

Uncle Skip, said...

TV - Yes, we're planning to be there for Thanksgiving.

edluv said...

you didn't know about the armenian genocide because it didn't happen.

totally just kidding. although, the u.s. is still a bit too pansy to officially recognize it.

and i'm trying to remember who's blog it was, but i recently recounted how i frequently put both the seat & lid down to mess w/the ladies. it's a mildly funny story. i think it may have been on carly's blog.

but, no, it doesn't bother me when women leave the seat down. although, one could make a case that for equalities sake neither sex should be offended that the seat was left either up or down.

Carrie said...

I dont remember a Hovig. Who was it?

I put both lids down, so I can always tell when my roommates have been wiping thier bums with the toilet papar I bought for my own bathroom. Jerks! I'd rather have a man who left the seat up, but that's a whole notha story.

Have you been to the Sanger Cemetary? We rode by it on the Valley Girls Ride, my mother and I, the other weekend when I was in Fresno for her birthday. It's very lovely, lots of old trees and well tended sites.

Bek said...

FYI....the Armenian Genocide is now taught in High School histoy classes. We usually do not spent a lot of time on it but it is in the standards. But the U.S. government does not official recognize it.

Gye Greene said...

TimidV: re: last names.

Yeah, I'm hyphenated, she's not.

I tacked her name on to the end -- among other things, so that any records under my "maiden" name would be alphabetically adjacent to my "married" name.

To be honest, I partly did it to be hip and ''modern'', partly to be gender-equitable -- but largely because she has such a groovy family name (like "Shakespeare", but even better). If her surname was "Smith" or "Jones", I might not have bothered. ;)

As it was, I was ordering pizzas, etc., under her surname long before we were actually married.


timidvenus said...

carrie- ill have to show you a photo of him. and i dont think ive been to the sanger cemetery.

gye- youre right, it is very modern of you