Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kern county adventures

we went to bakersfield this past weekend to get the last of our stuff out of the garage so that it is usable for the renters. anyway, we were walking in wasco to kill time and i went into one of those '99 cents and more' shops where they sell everything you can imagine (i LOVELOVELOVE those stores) and i was looking at the kids toys. anyhoo, i came across this doll (its about a foot tall, which doesnt matter at all, wev):

um, what? fashion ketchup? what is that?

okay, then on sunday as we were leaving the neighborhood in bakos where our house is there were all these people with signs on the corners. they were no on prop 8 people. anyway, i took their photo:


Uncle Skip, said...

It seems even Google doesn't know what (or who) Fashion Ketchup is.

Adam said...

She's the doll for kids who still wear parachute pants and turtlenecks. Always trying to catch up.

Yay for those brave progressive people in Bakersfield.

Gye Greene said...

Fashion Ketchup: Because sometimes ya just gotta spread the mustard, yaknowwhatImean?


timidvenus said...

gye, i have tears from laughing so hard.

Gye Greene said...

Mission accomplished. :)