Friday, October 31, 2008

look at me!!

one of my coworkers brought in a mask today and she let me try it on. looks good, imho:

Happy Halloween!!!

its my favorite non-present getting holiday!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my work space

here are some photos of my desk (they can all be connected, i took them in order):
this first one is the left side of my desk. the window opens (thank god) and looks over the parking lot and across the street. the files are the cases i am currently working on, and then my phone, my calendar, by cute magentic message board and bulliten strips, my colored pen set (you have NO idea how boring black and white is to look at all day), and my stapler:
then theres my cup-o-tools, lotion (behind the cup), a note pad, envelopes, and a small set of drawers with stamps, labels, push-pins, etc inside, and tape and paper clips on top, a lamp that doesnt get used and my printer:
here you see the in boxes for myself and two other employees, a calendar (not mine, i share), and my computer. that is the end of my space. notice the chaos that begins there:
and keeps going until the end of the desk:

stone masonry at its finest

its the headstone of mr. russell j. larsen


go here and vote

for dad

(its from your favorite daughter)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

masis ararat cemetery

there is a cemetery her in fresno out on belmont, ararat cemetery, that is an armenian cemetery. its the one that william saroyan is buried in, and is an old cemetery as far as valley cemeteries go. anyhoo, just behind it is a cemetery called masis ararat, and its a small, newer armenian cemetery owned by the same board as the old one. i dont like it as much because its boring being so small, and the headstones are all flat. but i had a service at it this morning, and levi and i got there a bit early, so i walked around and read the headstones (one of my favorite things to do, and a good place to find interesting names for children and pets). in the middle of the cemetery is a section for upright monuments and benches, and i was looking at this one:

and i thought to myself, 'i went to school with a guy named hovig' and it turns out it was the same guy (working at the funeral home that services most of the armenian funerals i just asked about him when we got back). so that was strange.

then, in the center of the center part of benches and monuments is this tall tower of granite with an eagle attacking a snake (i think) and a plaque that talks about the armenian genocide, which i was unaware of (for the most part). anyway, the wiki on it was very interesting.

also, i learned how to write my name in armenian.

quick question for guys:
do you get as pissed when girls leave the toilet seat down as i do when you leave the toilet seat up? cuz im pissed.

and a sidenote:
i have a note pad at work that is pink and has a picture of pam on the office. across the top it reads 'dunder mifflin, this is pam' and i am WAITING for the opportunity to say that when i answer the mortuary phone.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kern county adventures

we went to bakersfield this past weekend to get the last of our stuff out of the garage so that it is usable for the renters. anyway, we were walking in wasco to kill time and i went into one of those '99 cents and more' shops where they sell everything you can imagine (i LOVELOVELOVE those stores) and i was looking at the kids toys. anyhoo, i came across this doll (its about a foot tall, which doesnt matter at all, wev):

um, what? fashion ketchup? what is that?

okay, then on sunday as we were leaving the neighborhood in bakos where our house is there were all these people with signs on the corners. they were no on prop 8 people. anyway, i took their photo:

Friday, October 24, 2008

random friday post

1. holy trinity armenian church downtown had a bbq lunch today, and my boss bought us all lunches. shish-kebabs, pilaf, salad, dolmades, bread, and baklava. it was very yum.

2. i was pinning a boutonniere on a guy yesterday for a funeral and he says 'you sure are pretty, ms woody' (i was wearing my name tag). i was so shocked that i laughed at the guy and im sure seemed rude. i did manage to say 'uh, thanks' before i turned around and walked away.
3. meh, its funny enough:

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more Free Videos

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i think im in love with edward cullen. lol.

i started reading a book, twilight, that was loaned to me by some friends. ive always been a fan of fantasy, and have been absoultely captivated by the story. also, the movie comes out in november. please watch the trailer, but make sure you read the book before you see the movie. actually, im glad i started the book before i saw the trailer even.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a couple of things

1. this video is of a song by sarah slean, the next artist on the list of albums i want

2.someone that used to work where i work and is still in the industry has been saying stuff about me to other people in the industry that makes it seem like the only reason i have a job at all is that im young, female, and attractive. anyhoo, it pissed me off to no end when i heard about it, and had a talk with the powers that be at my place of employment. nothings gonna happen yet, and im hoping the guy thats saying all that stuff stops, because really he scares me quite a bit, but i feel better having talked to my bosses about it. i sure was in a rotton mood though the other day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

politics for kids

i get a great magazine, wondertime. its a parenting magazine, and really the best one ive ever read. anyway, i got the november issue today, and its full of great election stuff. first, theres an article on how to talk about elections, for young kids and older kids, that clearly explains the political parties, talks about why there are different people running for different positions, and why we only elect presidents every four years even if theyre doing a crap job.

another short article is about voting, and taking your kids to vote with you, and has a blank, downloadable ballot for voting on home issues.

also, not election related, they had an article on strikes, and it was pretty good, too.

anyway, i like the magazine.

and she pops excellent up in waynes world


the title is part of this song that i heard this morning and now its stuck in my head.

anyway, i took g to courtneys this morning and was a little early so i drove by my old biology teachers house. i didnt stop there or anything, and he still has 'impeach them both' painted on his front window. anyway, what i noticed driving around the neighborhood (mckinley/olive/college/san pablo) was that there are sure a lot of obama yard signs (as well as quite a few proposition signs and local election signs). maybe its that i dont remember too far back, but i really dont remember there being that many yard signs in the past. i had one for bush back in the day, but im fairly certian that it was the only political sign in the whole neighborhood. could this be an indicator that there will be a decent amount of voter turnout??? or do i just not remember very well? anyway, i was kinda excited (even if they were obama signs).

so, i started to think a bit about politics, and humans, and america, and prop 8, and planned parenthood, and i could probably go on and on. now, i think we have come a long way as a country, and i dont want to sound like i think we havent, and i have no doubt that we could be less tolerant than we are now, but i want to discuss the tolerance that we havent yet achieved. i was thinking about prop 8, and i cant quite decide why im on the fence about it. for some reason it makes me uneasy, and i cant decide if its because i feel guilty for not being totally against prop 8, or if its that i dont quite understand the proposition (are they going to teach kids about gay marriage the way they do hetero marriage, which i didnt know they were teaching in the first place), or what. the semi-conclusion i came to though, is that i get angry that they are teaching the wrong damn thing. why arent we passing a proposition that teaches tolerance instead of differences? why are we wanting these kids to grow up learning that gay couples and straight couples are different but they can get married, instead of teaching these kids that people that love each other get married? does that make even a little sense or am i just vomiting words?

anyway, i have quite a bit more about tolerance, but i have work to do and i need to go calm down.

Monday, October 13, 2008


now, most of you wont read this article, but it was really good. it was in last months parents magazine and is about why moms should vote. its a bit of a pain to read the whole article, you kinda have to navigate through ads and stuff, but it really had some decent stuff in it. anyhoo, if you feel like reading it, go ahead.

Friday, October 10, 2008

im not mad anymore

because i got my very own name tag. look:

Monday, October 06, 2008

new music

woody bought me two cds yesterday. the first one i rihanna, and i super love it. she even sings one of the songs with maroon 5. enjoy:

the other cd is duffy, who is awesome and i highly recommend her.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


is such a good show

shell urn

i was telling my dad about this urn that we just got in that is an actual melo shell. i guess these animals live in the ocean and are harvested for food, and the shells are just crushed and i have no idea what happens to them then. well, this guy that thought up this urn idea goes to taiwan or wherever and picks out the ones he likes to have made into urns. they use toothpaste to hand polish them. i guess theres this toothpaste company somewhere in asia that cant use the beginning of the batch (too watery) or the end of the batch (too thick), so they sell it to the urn folks and they polish the inside and outside of the shells with it. then the shells are each taken to a wood carver guy and a bottom is made out of jiminia wood (the fastest growing hard wood). the cool part is that its all done by feel. they feel the opening of the shell and carve it on this wood. anyhoo, here are some photos: