Thursday, September 11, 2008

work is great

so, im finishing up my third week at the new job. this is what has happened so far, and the folks i work with:

the initial interview was by tom, my manager. i had met him before, at his wifes antique shop where my mom goes quite often, but was nervous anyway. turns out he is a really nice guy (some of the guys woody works with have worked for him before and apparently he never yells at employees...crazy). so, that interview went well, and i was scheduled for another, this time with him and the owner, and then with the gal that runs the front desk, and is sort of the one you want on your side. the owner really liked me (his name is billy), as did the office gal (office manager?), and so i got the job. so, ive been working my arse off, but really liking it. the funeral home also has a cremation society (a place to get a super cheap cremation of you arent looking for a service), and i have already met with three families. this weekend is my first weekend on call, and it looks like im actually gonna be in charge. if we have a death i am the one notified by the answering service and i send out the people to pick up the deceased and then in the morning i call them and set up a time to meet with them. i also call the embalmer on call to embalm any cases that come in and need to be embalmed. anyway, its a bt nervous, but i think ill be okay (i think my supervisor, tom, is nervous too).

so these are the folks i work with:
billy: the owner. really nice guy, but likes things a certain way. hes relaxed, about 60 (maybe not quite that old), and likes frequent trips to cabo wabo each week, but is also happy at dog house grill or the elbow room. he has done his best to let me know that they are all glad ive come on board with them, and tries to stay out of everyones hair, while still keeping tabs on everything that is happening. seems to really like funeral service and the folks that work for him.

tom: my manager. very calm, explains everything very well and wants to learn new things. he reminds me of the huband in 'sleeping with the enemy' but just in the way he looks. he is a really great boss, and i am super lucky that he is so nice.

levi: billys son. super into football, but not jock-ish. works in the back, getting bodies dressed and casketed, and ready for me to make-up, and also works services with me. very appreciative and mellow. has long (like mid-back length) red hair, and a super cool girlfriend. his grandma (billy's mom) lives next door (and she always asks how i am doing), and his girlfriend goes to visit her a lot.

louis: does tons of stuff. he dresses and caskets bodies, as well as looks after the building. he is also an awesome landscape guy, and is super helpful.

elaine: runs the office. i am slowly learning how to do things her way, and luckily she is patient and wants me to tell her how i am used to things happening.

bob: the bookkeeper. he also makes arrangements with families and is a pastor of a small church in fresno (i think maybe pentecostal-ish), so he does services for families that dont have a pastor that they regularly are in contact with.

ben: an office guy. her runs the website and does death certificate work, as well a a bunch of other stuff on the computer.

jaime: the main embalmer. her cases look awesome, and so far she seems super willing to teach me how to embalm. she even brought me a sucker (okay, two) the other day. i am really hoping to learn a lot form her, but not enough to take her job. i just am not the kind of person that could handle being in the back room all the time.

there are also a bunch of part timers, and they are great, but i cant be botheres to list them all. anyway, it is going super, and i love love love my job.

so, thats it.


Adam said...

Congrats, that's really great news.

m.wise said...

that's awsome. here's to things continuing to go well.

Lulu said...

Happy to hear all is going well. It is also good to hear that Tom only looks like the guy from Sleeping with The Enemy because otherwise you would have to worry about everything being super organized and then if you disagreed with him he would try to kill you yada yada, it just would be a stressful work enviornment you didnt need.

Anonymous said...

is a sucker a certain type of body?

timidvenus said...

no, silly. like a see's candy sucker. theyre yummy

edluv said...

dang, lulu beat me to the 'sleeping w/the enemy' comment. glad works going well.

dana said...

glad to hear things are going well for you. We miss you guys. let us know if there is something we can do to help you here in bako.

Monticore said...

"parently he never yells at employees" You mean he doesn't throw files at them and tell them to wipe that f-ing look off their face. Shocking!

Gye Greene said...

The style of your boss (and co-workers) can make or break how good a place is to work.

Looks like you have good people: nicely done! :)


carly said...


I'm really happy you love your new job--me too! :P