Wednesday, September 17, 2008


1. went to piemontes today to pick up lunch. got a domestic proscuitto (wha?) sandwich without tomatoes and 1/2 pound of sicilian olives. and yes, i smell wonderfully.

2. billy, the owner of yost, asked me to be full time with them. aparently they think i do a good job and think i could really fit well into everyday life.

3. we found someone to take care of g during the days while we are at work, courtney. yes, jd's courteny. g has been there for 2 weeks now and is liking it. and she is willing to watch her full time.

4. the embalmer, jaime, let us borrow season 1 of dexter. man, it is good. weve watched 4 episodes so far, and cant wait to watch the rest. really, i recomend it for netflixing.


Uncle Skip said...

I liked Dexter, too. I'm not sure if I saw all of the episodes or not.

One thing about Miami and Dade County, they should really take a good hard look at how TV and movies portray the area. Then there's Dave Barry. Are there any "normal" people in South Florida?

Adam said...

Looks like good news all the way around. Congratulations on getting picked up full time.

Extra congratulations for getting piemontes. Yum.

Lisa said...

Good for you. I'm just sad I never get to see lil G. anymore. She hardly even remembered me the last time she saw me. But oh well, life goes on

Demirep said...

Season 1 of Dexter is like cocaine, only cheaper.