Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ive been organizing

and this is my very own cart for making people pretty:


Adam said...

It kinda looks like you have a really long 3/8" drill bit on your cart for making people pretty. Is that so or is it just a rod of some sort?

Gye Greene said...

I'm always intrigued by people's specialized (work, or hobby) workstations, toolboxes, and etc.

How 'bout some more detail/explanation of your Beautifying Cart?


timidvenus said...

adam- its just a stick that has a piece of sticky stuff coiled around it (if im seeing what youre talking about). it came off of one of those hangers that mens suits come on with the wooden bar that holds onto the pants. we use it to tuck in casket interiors.

this cart is full of the things i use on a regular basis to get a body ready.
bottom row:
colored lotion - bodies tend to dry a bit after embalming, so lotion is a necessity. they are colored so that they dont leave white gunk, and leave a nice, natural glow
seran wrap - helps hold bandages in place if a body has bandaged injuries
spray paint - skin-tone-ish, to go under make-up in severe cases
spray glue - used with cotton to insure that the embalming incision is securely closed.
hair spray - exactly what its made for
in the little drawers - q-tips, scissors, tweezers, make-up sponges, curling irons, wax - all used for obvoius reasons

level two of the cart:
tissue builder - injected into the skin to fill out emaciated areas of the face and hands
nail polish - exactly
extra combs and brushes - just in the way really

top level:
cover-up - not the normal kind that us ladies are used to, but opaque. good for covering bruises from iv punctures.
scissors - cutting clothes, among other stuff
powder - used to set make-up
combs/brushes - normal hair stuff
brushes - used to apply make-up and lotion
spray bottles - water, cleaners, boring stuff
more seran wrap - can never have too much of that stuff apparently.

Gye Greene said...

Thx! Interesting.

Did you have to assemble your own kit -- or was it already mostly made-up from your predecessor? (That is, is it pretty standard from place to place?)


Uncle Skip said...

I saw a cart just like it at a motel we stayed at...
seemed like an odd place

edluv said...

i was thinking, that's a lot of chemicals for such a small apartment. then i realized it was your work.

Adam said...

Phew! I mean, I did see the bone donor inserts box so I know you have some pretty intense stuff to do in the embalming room, but the "drill bit" was making me a little nervous.

timidvenus said...

gye - a little of both. the guy before me was a bit of a packrat, and i had to get rid of some stuff that was unnecessary. also, i added the set of drawers and their contents.

skip - lol

ed - lol

adam - the drill i use has a little bit in it, nothing large, and i dont keep it on the cart. actually, i just used it last week.

timidvenus said...

also, bone donor inserts are just boring things. they look like a pillow shaped like a 1.5 inch diameter pvc pipe. theyre just absorbent i think. wev.