Monday, September 15, 2008

blah, i hate microsoft excel

i was working on making a phone list today at work. about 40 names on the list, with a number and prices, so why is it 35,000 pages long? i have noooooooo idea, and aparently microsoft help sucks and cannot tell me how to make my spreadsheet one simple page long. it insists on giving me 34,999 plank cell pages. nice


duble-u said...

what prices are you putting on it

timidvenus said...

its for out of town removals and charges for milage and stuff from other mortuaries.

and i meant *blank*, not *plank*

Uncle Skip said...

Did somebody else set up the list?
Maybe there really are "planks" in it somewhere.

Lulu said...

Cant you set the print area to only print the pages you want?

Uncle Skip said...

I just found myself typing "sucky" instead of "lucky," so I decided to quit before I wrote something Freudian.

Anyway highlight the cells in the rows and columns that you want to print. Then click on "EDIT" > "SET PRINT AREA"

That should cover it until you add more data. Then you'll have to set the print area again.

There's another way but I save it for Luddites and only give instructions via telegraph... then only to those with electricity.

Uncle Skip said...

I mean click on "FILE" > "SET PRINT AREA"

timidvenus said...

lol skip.

also, it worked