Monday, August 11, 2008

eek!! its been so long!!!

so, i got a bit of flack the other night for not having updated my blog lately. we went over to the neighbors for the opening ceremony of the olympics and aparently i have fans who have been disappointed by my lack of posting. but see, i dont check my computer a lot when im not at work, and i have been super busy with packing and looking for a job in the fresno area, so have been neglecting my blogging. i apologize.

anyway, i made baklava the other day and it turned out really well. it was very yummy.

also, last week when we were in fresno i got a call from the manager at yost and webb, a funeral home on tulare and s (i think) in downtown fresno, and he wanted me to come in for an interview. so, today at three i went in and interviewed, and an hour and a half later we were done. he was very nice and seemed to be very impressed with me. i told him that i didnt want to embalm, and also that i am not very good at it, and he said that they didnt need an embalmer. every thing that he was looking for in a new employee was everything that i am looking to do in a funeral home, so hopefully i will get a job there. then, for dinner tonight my dad took us to dog house grill and the owner and his son were there at the bar and i went up and introduced myself (actually woody recognized the son, and i wouldnt have gone up to him if i knew that it was his dad that was there with him). once he introduced me to his dad i got nervous and apologized for having tattoos showing (even though i wasnt interviewing i thought i didnt want the first impression the owner had of me to be one about my tattoos) and he said it was fine, and lifted his shirt sleeve to show his many arm tattoos. lol

also, i worked out this morning. my parents church has a work out class three times a week, and even though i knew it was a really tough class physically i decided to go anyway. we started with a run, then stretched out a bit, then did circuits (is that what theyre called?) where you go from station to station for a minute or so each. there was jump rope, stations with weights for various exercises, and ones with nothing but a floor mat for doing lumberjacks or ab stuff. anyway, it was frikkin hard, and i was tired, but am not sore, and am looking forward to going again.


edluv said...

yep, circuit training. good stuff.

heather & i look forward to having you & wood over for dinner @ the new spot sometime.

Demirep said...

Welcome back =)

Congratulations on the job interview - I'm rooting for you...not that you need me to, but I'm gonna anyhow.

You are way more ambitious than I - I don't remember the last time I worked out, but I'm pretty sure it involved someone guilting me into it.

CC said...

You moved to Fresno??!!! I will miss you, but I LOVE reading your always make me smile, and I will continue reading about you and your adorable family....thanks for blogging....I love it!! Love you, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I've been stalking you. I left you a message on Myspace but apparently it isn't a place you check very often. You and the rest of the riff raff are in the top friends this week too. Check it out.

Rumor has it I go to your parents church now. Mountain View? And yesterday someone told me about the workouts in the morning. I'm right across the street so I think I'm going to give it a shot. Let me know when you go. Do you still have my number?