Friday, August 29, 2008

well, she's no jindal

but i suppose she'll have to do

Monday, August 25, 2008

work and a video

here is a video that some kids made with ken:

also, i started my first day today. im full time for the first month and once thats over ill be there three days a week. here is a photo of a paper hanginf at my desk, lol:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

do me a favor

go to and let me know which page has the best body font. the pages are still under construction, so dont be too picky, but we would appreciate the input.

also, i go in to yost and webb tomorrow to find out how much they want me to work and how much they want to pay me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


okay, i have a second interview monday afternoon at yost and webb. with the owner, if hes available, and the manager that interviewed me before.

ive never had to actually interview for a job before, so this is a bit nervous. so, wish me luck.

also, i cant be bothered with typing the whole visalia mess, my car is now in fresno, thanks to amber, and id like to thank dad and courtney for their assistance over the phone on thursday.

also, here is a song that ive been liking that was in a gm commercial:

Thursday, August 14, 2008


went to visalia today to hang out with amber. left at 4 (she had a hair appt at 5 in fresno, so she wasnt around), only to have my car over heat before i got out of visalia. didnt get home til 9 tonight. ill give the long version tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

olympic fever

its funny how life works sometimes. i mean, i usually feel like a young person, and dont tend to notice much that the people around me keep getting younger and younger (well, except for a rare trip to a mall or some such place, where i cant help but run into one of those emo kids that are just plain annoying, and WAY too young to be out shopping without their mommies), but the olympics being on have sort of made me feel a bit older recently. i mean, i take a look at the young gymnast girls and they are so young and yet so good at their sport, or see the beach volleyball team and think, 'those chicks are my age, and they are awesome', and i just feel OLD.

anyway, all this talk is really beside the point, and just a bit of vanity, when what i really wanted to write about was jaime hipp, one of the goalies on the us water polo team. she was a year behind me in school, and we played water polo together at edison high. if i remember correctly, she played my sophomore year (her freshman year), because her brother had been playing (he was goalie as well, at 6'4" or somethng like that, making it the perfect position for him), and im sure she had watched a game or two of his. my freshman year i didnt play polo, but was on the volleyball team (one of my families favorite games), but didnt ever really love it, and so after swim season my freshman year i decided to be on the brand new club polo team for fresno with some of my swim-mates. who knows, lord knows i cant remember, but jaime might have played on that club team as well. anyhoo, she was very tall for a young high schooler, and i think she was put in a goalie early on in her polo career.

so, i was watching the us water polo game against china today (a pretty good match if you get the chance to watch it) and they cut to the bench sitters of the us team, and there i see jaime hipp, cheering on her teammates. i rewind, and play back, and yep, its her. i call my sister, anna (who was in jaimes graduating class) and she was watching too, and said it was her. see, jaime rode the bus with us to tenaya from edison, and we would walk home together (she grew up a few blocks further down the street from us), and neither anna nor i knew that she was in the olympics (although both of our parents said that they knew, that it had been in the paper).

well, now i feel old, which is fine, but its a bit closer to home this time. i mean, shes in the olympics. that is so cool.

eek!! its been so long!!!

so, i got a bit of flack the other night for not having updated my blog lately. we went over to the neighbors for the opening ceremony of the olympics and aparently i have fans who have been disappointed by my lack of posting. but see, i dont check my computer a lot when im not at work, and i have been super busy with packing and looking for a job in the fresno area, so have been neglecting my blogging. i apologize.

anyway, i made baklava the other day and it turned out really well. it was very yummy.

also, last week when we were in fresno i got a call from the manager at yost and webb, a funeral home on tulare and s (i think) in downtown fresno, and he wanted me to come in for an interview. so, today at three i went in and interviewed, and an hour and a half later we were done. he was very nice and seemed to be very impressed with me. i told him that i didnt want to embalm, and also that i am not very good at it, and he said that they didnt need an embalmer. every thing that he was looking for in a new employee was everything that i am looking to do in a funeral home, so hopefully i will get a job there. then, for dinner tonight my dad took us to dog house grill and the owner and his son were there at the bar and i went up and introduced myself (actually woody recognized the son, and i wouldnt have gone up to him if i knew that it was his dad that was there with him). once he introduced me to his dad i got nervous and apologized for having tattoos showing (even though i wasnt interviewing i thought i didnt want the first impression the owner had of me to be one about my tattoos) and he said it was fine, and lifted his shirt sleeve to show his many arm tattoos. lol

also, i worked out this morning. my parents church has a work out class three times a week, and even though i knew it was a really tough class physically i decided to go anyway. we started with a run, then stretched out a bit, then did circuits (is that what theyre called?) where you go from station to station for a minute or so each. there was jump rope, stations with weights for various exercises, and ones with nothing but a floor mat for doing lumberjacks or ab stuff. anyway, it was frikkin hard, and i was tired, but am not sore, and am looking forward to going again.

Friday, August 01, 2008

last day

its our last day at work!!! yippee!!!