Monday, July 28, 2008

whats going on

we are swamped at work this week and georgias babysitter is at camp, so weve been in a bit of a pickle with child care. today g is at the neighbors house until 1, and i will pick her up then and drag her into the bakersfield office to hopefully get some stuff done. tonight, sometime, roxanne is going to be here and will spend the night with us, and from what i hear will be looking after g tomorrow. tomorrow evening i will drive g up to visalia and meet my dad there and he will take her to fresno for the rest of the week. wednesday is bekahs birthday (send her a text), so she has the day off and will be watching g then, and anna is going to watch her on thursday, and friday my dad will be off and can watch her then. whew.

then i guess woody and i will try to make it up to fresno, and stay. now, im not totally sure about that, but he is going to try to schedule interviews for monday and tuesday of next week at funeral homes around. so, thats the scoop so far.


Monticore said...

Beca is spending her birthday Babysitting?? You guys are so mean.

Adam said...

That's a whole lotta baby sittin'. If someone gets tired, just let me know and I'll let the kid pee on my leg at Sequoia again. =)

See you all this weekend perhaps.

edluv said...

sadly, i won't be able to join you all for your first weekend living back in fresno. (tim's bachelor party in pa.) however, i will be back monday for our grizzlies game in the luxury box.

Demirep said...

Whoa mama. That is hectic.