Friday, July 18, 2008

what a way to go

i had to drive down to visalia today for a cremation, they have an awesome retort that cremates a body in an hour, and luckily the owner of the mortuary was just back from a funeral service in which they used their old cadillac hearse that has been modified, which i have never seen, only heard about. so, i took some photos:
detail of the paint job on the back half (dillard is part of the funeral home's name)
here it is fully lowered (the owner said the priest from todays service, who got a ride in it from the church to the gravesite, was throughly impressed)
the inside passenger door
the steering wheel, notice the silver skull on the shifting stick
inside the front, notice the speakers (it sounded awesome)
mr dillard dusting it off (he insisted on it being dusted if i was going to take photos, lol)
the front (i cant remember the year of the car)
a shot of the inside back
a close up of one of the front wheels
the back, matching skulls on the license plate frame
the inside back taken from the passengers seat
and a super cute skull as the lock thing

anyhoo, good times.


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edluv said...

super cool. i love the doorlock.

Monticore said...

I never wished so much that I was dead.

carly said...

Seriously-I'm with Monti.

Does Mr. Dillard have a son around my age? Cause if I can't be dead in it, I'd at least like to be taken to the drive-in.

Gye Greene said...

Back in my youth, I always thought that a hearse would make a good mini-camper: lots of space to lie down in.

When I was in a band, in my mid-20s, I thought about buying a hearse to haul our gear to gigs.


timidvenus said...

carly- um, mr dillard has a son that is 21 as of today. very cute, if youre into skinny guys, although i think hes only like 5'9" or so. he runs the crematory. also, he has really nice teeth.

gye- i always think they are just like station wagons, but with better chassis.