Tuesday, July 15, 2008


1. woody is spinning in bakersfield on friday night. let me know if youre here.

2. we have an open house saturday from 1-4 (for which you are welcome to still be here) and will head to fresno with a van full of boxes afterward. there will be 2 extra seats in the van for anyone that wants a ride up (if you wanted to take the train to bakos and get a ride back). anyhoo, is there anything going on in fresno saturday night that we should be aware of?


The Lulu said...

I am going to a wedding so I wont be around on Saturday.

Good luck with your open house!

edluv said...

several of us are going to see a smiths cover band, called this charming band, at club fred.

Monticore said...

Tell woody to rock the house for me!