Saturday, July 05, 2008

tired sara

so, we had a yard sale this morning (sold almost $200 worth, which is good considering that the only 'big' items were a chair and a dresser (and that one wasnt even ours to begin with, it was julie's). my parents came down in the morning and helped out with housework and with the sale, which was great. then, at 1pm, we started our open house, which went super-good. we had a lot of people show up right away that i talked with earlier in the week about the house. there were quite a few folks interested (although my favorite were this couple whos kids go to the high school nearby). we got a lot of compliments on the house and i feel like it went well. actually, im thinking that i might want to have an open house tomorrow too, and put actual signs up around anouncing it to see if we can get others interested. so, yeah, im a bit tired.


Gye Greene said...

Yard sales are good. :)