Wednesday, July 23, 2008


here is a cool video of some ooblek (cornstarch and water) on top of a cookie sheet on top of a subwoofer. my neighbors showed it to me.

also, i got a text today from brian to check out this blog. pretty cool stuff.

also, here is a song i heard. not a fan of kanye, but isnt that the coldplay guy?

thats it for now.


Adam said...

It bums me out that Chris Martin is working with Kanye. It's like U2 making music at all.

mell0w said...

everyone should check out the fresno foodie blog that sara linked here. it looks like she's given up due to a lack of audience, but i'm hoping i can convince her to start again. there are no other restaurant review bloggers in fresno that come close to being this good

Uncle Skip said...

I always wanted to know the many uses of a subwoofer.
So, how much corn starch and how much water?