Thursday, July 10, 2008

now she HAS to move here

because i made her a company


The Lulu said...

Yes!! Well done Sara! I love that her name is Carly Pennsylvania, unless of course that really is her last name, then it isnt as funny.

timidvenus said...

i know. i dont actually know her last name, and i needed something.

edluv said...

good, but not as good as your resume.

carly said...

I have a mad, mad girl-crush on you right now.

My last name is Baum. But...honestly, the "Cakes By Carly Pennsylvania" is way better.

You had me at hello.

timidvenus said...


also, the name of your company is fully change-able. just let me know when youve got an address in fresno and ill insert it.