Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i went shopping, and only spent $27

cute white skirt #1
detail of cute white skirt #1
cute jacket
cute white and yellow skirt
cute white skirt #2
cute blue skirt
cute white skirt #3

also, i got a cute brown cardigan.


Daisy said...

Where the heck did you get all that for $27?? All super-cute. Esp the long white skirt with the cool belt thingy.

The Lulu said...

Yeah I want to know too. I can be good at discount shopping but that is ridiculous.

Demirep said...

All very cute. I can't believe you spent less than $30!!!

timidvenus said...

the gottschalks in bakersfield is going out of business, and we were at that mall. it was awesome.

Demirep said...

Did I just check out this post for a second time? :X

carly said...

You're amazing and an inspiration to all women everywhere!

Monticore said...

Not Gottschalks, Oh well a deals a deal. They look great. I might have to do some dumpster diving there too.

PS: I saw this store on TV last night in AL where they sell unclaimed baggage. It was awesome. Everything from digital cameras to underwear. Unfortunately they don't seem to sell unclaimed prescription medications.