Thursday, July 17, 2008

flat tire

i was a bit earlier in leaving for work this morning because we have quite a bit going on at work, and i was taking georgia to a babysitter as well. anyhoo, i was driving along the 99 and my tire popped just past the 7th standard exit. so, i pull over and get out of the car (it was the front passenger side tire) and call woody (who was already at work) to let him know im gonna be late to work. i get out the spare tire, along with all the tools and lay a piece of fabric down so as to protect my super-cute outfit, and started to change the tire. i took of the covers that were over the tire screws, put the jack on the car (but didnt lift it much as i hadnt loosened the screws yet), and attempted to loosen them. anyway, it turns out those suckers are super-stuck, and i was getting really mad at not being able to loosen them, just as a truck pulled up. two men got out (david and frank, according to their chevron uniform name patches) and apologized that it took them so long to get to me, lol, as they saw me there and had to go up to the next exit (a couple of miles down the freeway) to turn around. so, they plugged in their little drill to the generator on their truck and undid the screws, jacked the car the rest of the way up, and put on the spare, and sent me on my way.

so, thanks, david and frank.


The Lulu said...

Did they give you a little pat on the ass when they sent you on your way?

Bek said...

Did you tell David and Frank that Grandpa Larson worked for Chevron for 42 years???

Monticore said...

Wow! Sometimes it's good to be a hot blonde in distress. Oh wait it's always god to be a hot blonde

George Rutherford said...

Thanks David and Frank.

My friend Donald and I stopped and changed a tire for a lady once between Chowchilla and Le Grande.

Demirep said...

You are hilarious! "My super cute outfit"


I think it's high time you showed Georgia how to change a tire. I mean, that's why people have kids, right?

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

But here's the thing. Don't they put those things on super tight every time at the shop? I got a flat once while student teaching, and they sent out their "big buff" p.e. teacher to help. There was no way he was getting those things off. After 30 minutes, and much to his dismay, I finally called AAA so they could send out a truck.

Gye Greene said...

Tip: keep a rubber mallet -- and a beefy hammer (kinda like this ) in the trunk. If the rubber mallet doesn't have enough ''whack'', then resort to the metal hammer.

You should be able to pick up each of them for 5-10 bucks at your local Fred Meyers, K-Mart, or whoever has a ''tools'' aisle.