Tuesday, July 29, 2008

look what i drove today

roxannes cadillac. all the way to shafter.

Monday, July 28, 2008

whats going on

we are swamped at work this week and georgias babysitter is at camp, so weve been in a bit of a pickle with child care. today g is at the neighbors house until 1, and i will pick her up then and drag her into the bakersfield office to hopefully get some stuff done. tonight, sometime, roxanne is going to be here and will spend the night with us, and from what i hear will be looking after g tomorrow. tomorrow evening i will drive g up to visalia and meet my dad there and he will take her to fresno for the rest of the week. wednesday is bekahs birthday (send her a text), so she has the day off and will be watching g then, and anna is going to watch her on thursday, and friday my dad will be off and can watch her then. whew.

then i guess woody and i will try to make it up to fresno, and stay. now, im not totally sure about that, but he is going to try to schedule interviews for monday and tuesday of next week at funeral homes around. so, thats the scoop so far.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. having dinner with uncle skip and aunt sharon at wool growers tonight.

2. my in-laws hired woodys replacement.

3. i signed papers on the house were renting in fresno. its on harvard, just west of chestnut (north of clinton), down the street from annas house.


ps, has anyone noticed that on google maps you can look at actual footage of one's journey? you can even look at the front of houses. CRAZY!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i went shopping, and only spent $27

cute white skirt #1
detail of cute white skirt #1
cute jacket
cute white and yellow skirt
cute white skirt #2
cute blue skirt
cute white skirt #3

also, i got a cute brown cardigan.


here is a cool video of some ooblek (cornstarch and water) on top of a cookie sheet on top of a subwoofer. my neighbors showed it to me.

also, i got a text today from brian to check out this blog. pretty cool stuff.

also, here is a song i heard. not a fan of kanye, but isnt that the coldplay guy?

thats it for now.

i am loving this song

who is ingrid michaelson anyway?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

now, im not a borat fan...

but this is just hi-flippin-larious.

Monday, July 21, 2008

lame end to a day

so, woody worked late tonight and georgia and i invited ourselves over to jenny (also, super cute photo of young, skinny me from back in the day posted on her site recently) and phils house for dinner to hang out and have the kids play with each other. good times, and freaking amazing food (jenny made this bacon, potato, onion, green bean dish that was TO DIE FOR). so, we head back about 8ish, and get a call from woody just as we were getting to our neighborhood and asks if i had noticed the pool earlier. i said that i had, and why, to which he said 'was all of out furniture in it then?' um...what? (1. does he think i would not call him immediately if it had been, lol, and 2. what furniture? i was thinking my dining table, etc) so, he says that he just went to get in the pool and saw all of the patio furniture, my bike (can you believe???), and some of the planters as well as the overhead light from the patio all in the pool. by this time we are pulling into the driveway and i go look at what happened. i suppose i should have taken a photo, but i didnt, so wev. turns out none of the neighbors were home to see anyone get into the yard (the gate is always unlocked, so it wouldnt really be difficult to get in, although josh, the across-the-street neighbor with the cool old truck brought over a lock for us to use until i go buy one) and the police wont file a report if there is no permanent damage done. anyhoo, i wonder if they had to stop because woody came home, as they left planters that were much closer to the pool, as well as the barbecue grill and the large table and wheelbarrow. so, yeah, im tired now, those chairs are HEAVY when theyre all soaked with water.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

how softball saved the world

Sometimes I get in these moods where I feel like humanity is going to hell, and quickly. I've never been big on negativity, but I also understand that everyone is different and entitled to their own opinions and personality traits, even if they are detestable in my opinion. So, anyway, these moods I get in, I don't know if they are started from events or what, but they make me a little depressed, and all I seem to be capable of seeing are people not getting along and being not only generally intolerant of one another, but being downright jackholes to one another. And, while I'm on a bit of a rant (I guess) I'm really tired of seemingly open-minded people being the opposite of open-minded when they encounter someone with an opposing viewpoint. Wev, I have GOT to stop watching meet the press...

So, I've been in this hopeless for humanity mood lately, and tonight we (my sisters, mom, woody and I) were watching the espys and they had the award for the best moment, and the softball girls were up for it, so their story was aired to us all (if by some chance we live under a rock and pay no attention whatsoever to sports). And you know what: I'm out of my crap mood. Not everyone is a jerk, and not everyone wants the rest of the world to fail, not even their opponents.

So, thanks ladies, for restoring my belief that people are, or at least can be, good to each other.

Friday, July 18, 2008

what a way to go

i had to drive down to visalia today for a cremation, they have an awesome retort that cremates a body in an hour, and luckily the owner of the mortuary was just back from a funeral service in which they used their old cadillac hearse that has been modified, which i have never seen, only heard about. so, i took some photos:
detail of the paint job on the back half (dillard is part of the funeral home's name)
here it is fully lowered (the owner said the priest from todays service, who got a ride in it from the church to the gravesite, was throughly impressed)
the inside passenger door
the steering wheel, notice the silver skull on the shifting stick
inside the front, notice the speakers (it sounded awesome)
mr dillard dusting it off (he insisted on it being dusted if i was going to take photos, lol)
the front (i cant remember the year of the car)
a shot of the inside back
a close up of one of the front wheels
the back, matching skulls on the license plate frame
the inside back taken from the passengers seat
and a super cute skull as the lock thing

anyhoo, good times.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

flat tire

i was a bit earlier in leaving for work this morning because we have quite a bit going on at work, and i was taking georgia to a babysitter as well. anyhoo, i was driving along the 99 and my tire popped just past the 7th standard exit. so, i pull over and get out of the car (it was the front passenger side tire) and call woody (who was already at work) to let him know im gonna be late to work. i get out the spare tire, along with all the tools and lay a piece of fabric down so as to protect my super-cute outfit, and started to change the tire. i took of the covers that were over the tire screws, put the jack on the car (but didnt lift it much as i hadnt loosened the screws yet), and attempted to loosen them. anyway, it turns out those suckers are super-stuck, and i was getting really mad at not being able to loosen them, just as a truck pulled up. two men got out (david and frank, according to their chevron uniform name patches) and apologized that it took them so long to get to me, lol, as they saw me there and had to go up to the next exit (a couple of miles down the freeway) to turn around. so, they plugged in their little drill to the generator on their truck and undid the screws, jacked the car the rest of the way up, and put on the spare, and sent me on my way.

so, thanks, david and frank.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


well, maybe not love, but i sure do think the beertender by krups is awesome. luckily, im not a fan of heineken so it isnt hard to resist spending $300 on one, but still, how cool, right??

also, speaking of beer, i am hoping that after the move to fresno that jd will be looking for a taste-tester of some of his brews...

and, dad and ken, if you guys want to read a good fresno sports blog, here it is!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


1. woody is spinning in bakersfield on friday night. let me know if youre here.

2. we have an open house saturday from 1-4 (for which you are welcome to still be here) and will head to fresno with a van full of boxes afterward. there will be 2 extra seats in the van for anyone that wants a ride up (if you wanted to take the train to bakos and get a ride back). anyhoo, is there anything going on in fresno saturday night that we should be aware of?


when i get lazy about bloggin i put up photos. while packing the other day i came across some photos:
above, from top left, going clockwise: me (5 months) with my dad (hes riding a bike, surprise surprise), me and my grandpa (mom's dad) and uncle skip (with some lady) at a party of some sort, a school photo of me (maybe preschool?), me sitting in a horse collar (5 months), me and my other grandpa (dad's dad).

again, from top left: me building my mission (4th grade?), mission san antonio de padua, me sawing some wood in mendocino with frank (the guy that runs the camp i was at), me golfing in my front yard of the house on simpson, me and my sixth grade teacher, mr. wall, me and sasha the potter in mendocino (notice the super-cool sweater i am wearing).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

this right here

is one of the reasons i love sundays

Saturday, July 12, 2008

hot rollers

i keep thinking about getting some hot rollers and decided to buy some tonight when i was at target. here is a photo of me with them in:
here i am after taking them out, it looks super-curly:
here the curls are from the side:
and this is after they relaxed for a while, not soooo tight, and very cute:

Thursday, July 10, 2008


camping was fun. i went geocaching (just for a couple of caches) with some of the kids that were camping with us and we found one that was hidden near the rock pictured here. also, i thought at first glance that this was a snake skin, but its actually a carcass.

also, we took georgia to johns incredible pizza last night, as the house was 90 degrees despite my nice neighbor having turned on the ac at noon for us, and i ordered a large beer. okay, so this mug MUST have been at least 32 ounces, if not larger. and whats worse: i couldnt finish it. there were 2 inches left at the bottom, easy. stupid pizza, taking up all the room in my tummy...

which brings me to another thing: i think i need to lose a few pounds. now, i am NOT looking for you people to say that i look just fine, i know i do, but id like to not feel like my size sixes (or eights...) are too tight on me. the sucky thing here though is that im gonna have to either cut out some beer, or cut out some food, and i think id rather do without the beer.

now she HAS to move here

because i made her a company

my resume

Monday, July 07, 2008

because its funny

this photo was taken at sam's wedding, and i keep forgetting to post it. funny *and* cute.

going camping

my family goes camping every year to a place called manresa, over near santa cruz. they got there yesterday and we are going today after work. it should be fun. anyway, i wont be blogging for a few days, but feel free to text me to make sure im having fun.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

tired sara

so, we had a yard sale this morning (sold almost $200 worth, which is good considering that the only 'big' items were a chair and a dresser (and that one wasnt even ours to begin with, it was julie's). my parents came down in the morning and helped out with housework and with the sale, which was great. then, at 1pm, we started our open house, which went super-good. we had a lot of people show up right away that i talked with earlier in the week about the house. there were quite a few folks interested (although my favorite were this couple whos kids go to the high school nearby). we got a lot of compliments on the house and i feel like it went well. actually, im thinking that i might want to have an open house tomorrow too, and put actual signs up around anouncing it to see if we can get others interested. so, yeah, im a bit tired.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


so, i will learn to skate, but im gonna need a nickname.

UPDATE: it needs to be cute, not scary. ed said something about the mortician thing, which is fine, just make it cute.

read all of this post

1. i am so bored. im home packing things that arent necessary to live, and some things that are, mostly stuff in the kitchen and office, so that the house looks less cluttery when we show it on saturday. my parents are driving down sat morning and loading up some stuff (book case, dresser, unnecessary cabinet thingy, and maybe a few boxes) to take to our storage unit (why cant i use the word 'unit' without saying 'g-g-g- g-unit' in my head?), to make the house even more show-able. i just keep blog-checking, and ebay checking (i get in these random ebay moods where i HAVE to see whats for sale, and then never buy anything after getting pissed that someone outbid me).

2. i think i want to play roller derby. lol, right? whats even funnier is that ive never seen roller derby. i dont know what the point is, nor how one scores, but i think if i can just learn to skate (um, i suppose i could look for some roller skates on ebay) i could do it. opinions, please.

3. i love bungalows. i love the arts and crafts period. i love the house i live in now, and think it is the style of house i will always want to live in.

4. woody is going to be spinning sometime, i cant remember the date, maybe the 18th? anyway, if you want to go to the show heres an idea: take the train to bakos, we'll pick you up, you go to the show, then the next day you help us load up stuff to take to fresno in a u-haul, and then we take you to the train station and you go back to fresno. lemme know what you think.