Monday, June 09, 2008

wash day

our washing machine is not working properly. i looked forever last night online to see how to make it drain again, but couldnt come up with anything. anyhoo, in the meantime i needed to wash some stuff so as not to have to wear pjs to work tomorrow, and went to a new laundromat near the mortuary in bakersfield. here are some photos:
isnt it nice? these are the driers.
below are the washers
and get this: they dont take quarters! they take these things! how neat, right?


edluv said...

that is a pretty nice laundry set up. and georgia's dress reminds me of the 50's.

m.wise said...

ed, is georgia's dress a "nice/cute reminder of the 50's" or something else? and it looks like sara and georgia pretty much had the place to themselves, which is cool.

edluv said...

nice/cute. something about the dress just seems 50's to me.

carly said...

So...I have this idea. I think we should open a "Discomat."

It's a laundromat--that doubles as a little club/bar, right?

You put your wash in, have a beer, dance with the token laundromat old guy and before you know it--your laundry's done!

Gye Greene said...

Laundry card: I like the concept -- can pay with paper money, and thus don't have to fuss with collecting quarters. Except for when they change the format (to a new card), then you're stuck with $5.65 on the old card. :(

Laundry disco: A good idea, Carly! There was a Seattle Cafe/Laundromat/Live Bands venue called the "Sit & Spin". Apparently, though, it's now closed.