Monday, June 16, 2008


woody and i went to get some carne asada tacos tonight at this little mexican joint in bakos and got out my ipod. well, it was already in the artist section under 'c', so i started to scroll down and came upon color me badd. what a trip. so, anyhoo, i listened to them for the whole trip, and the trip back home.


The Lulu said...

"Girl you just make me feel so good
I just wanna... i just wanna
Just lay back, and enjoy the ride
all i wanna do is"

Awesomely badd lyrics, especially if you include the moans and sex sounds.

edluv said...

did you fall in love at first bite at super taco?

timidvenus said...

lols, kasey, and woody knows ALL the spanish parts of the songs. LOL!!!!

yes, ed. yes i did.

carly said...

LOL Oh heck.yes.