Monday, June 02, 2008

bobby jindal

so, i dont tend to be too political, especially on my blog, partly because i dont care how others feel politically speaking, and partly because i dont want to have people tell me that i am wrong, or that i should look at things from their perspective, which i dont want to do. anyhoo, i understand that most of my readers are not republicans, and am fine with that, but for those of you that would like to read about one republican in particular, bobby jindal, i have been directed (thanks, brian) at an article about him. there are also a couple others that i have read in the past. just for a little background, jindal is the governer of louisana, and it is being rumored that he could possibly run for vp on mccains ticket. also, i am not a huge supporter of mccain, in fact, jindal is the only reason i would vote for mccain, and even that scares me a bit. anyhoo, enjoy the articles.

also, cafe press has some really cool stuff. i was looking for a jindal '08 bumper sticker and not only found one, but also found some cool shirts.

thats it really.


Adam said...

You're totally wrong. You should look at it from my perspective!

Adam said...

Seriously though, he seems like a decent guy with some good ideas.

Adam said...

I stress some.

timidvenus said...

well adam, i ordered an extra bumper sticker. i'll put it on your car for you.

and you have truly surprised me, fyi. i mean, hes like a super-republican. and you said 'some'?!?! wow.

edluv said...

see the good thing about all bullshitters and televangelists is the half truths. you get sucked in with, yep, that's true, i agree, and then you're on a road to nowhere.

btw, i mean that about adam, not this guy i've never heard of.

honestly, i'm glad you're a republican, whatever that means. diversity is good. and, labels suck.

so if you feel mccain best represents you, vote for him. i don't jive with him.

Demirep said...

I don't hate republicans Sara, just assholes. =)

Adam said...

Nice Talking Heads/Rademacher reference Ed.