Thursday, May 15, 2008


saw this truck today on my way home from the shafter office:

um, what about our daughters???
just kidding. what i was really going to say was how do people get their whole rear window covered in sticker and still see out? can they? where do you go to get something like that? i bet its some secret society of super-sticker-on-my-car people...
i had to gat more cat food today, and fancy feast (the only food tappolina will eat) had a free gift in the box, this nice (acrylic) crystal bowl. whats funny is that the past few weeks we have noticed that her food dish (that is on the front porch) has been missing. now, i have this cute set of five ceramic bowls that are too small for much else than cat food, and there are now three (maybe four) missing. someone has stolen them off the porch, or tappolina is selling them or something. i dont know. so, i switched to using these little plastic snack bowls that are georgias, and even one of those was gone. whats the deal??? so, we will see how long this fancy feast one lasts.
georgia likes ketchup. i took this photo of her dipping her finger in it and licking it. at least its not mayonnaise.
and here she is drinking a 44 ounce iced tea from sonic. gotta love america.

also, no photo for this one, but regina spektor rocks. i was recommended her by my friend, carrie, and i super-love her music. i hadnt ever heard of her before, but i wish i had.


Gye Greene said...

Maybe they sell a different one for people with a daughter in the military.

We don't have Sonic from where I come from: just 7-11s and a few AM/PMs. And the **very** occasional Circle-K (where Ted declares that "Strange things are afoot at"; or maybe it was Bill).

Ours likes ketchup; also Vegemite. She eats both by sticking her finger in it. Neither of us grown-ups can **stand** Vegemite, so the leftover pieces of toast go to the dog. (For which he is pleased.) :)


Adam said...

That picture with the 44 oz. tea is hilarious.

Carrie said...

I will burn and send you the other Regina album I have, Soviet Kitsch. Begin to Hope is better, in my opinion, but it is worth listening to also!

edluv said...

next thing you know you'll be putting kool aid in a sippy cup.

Demirep said...

That drink is of epic proportions. Regina Spektor does rock, I love the songs "remember that time," "the ghost of corporate future," and "chemo limo."


Let's drive around with the windows down and blast her music, singing at the top of our lungs.

timidvenus said...

demirep. i am there, you just let me know when.