Wednesday, May 21, 2008

omg (baby) shoes

all this talk about shoes has got me looking all over the clickyweb. my aunt joanne took georgia and me shopping this past weekend while we were in san jose. she bought her this pair of shoes:
super cute, i know, and orange. georgia wears more orange than other children, i am sure, and this pair of shoes is worn with all outfits, regardless of matching.
these are more from the same company as the orange ones, and i saw them in the store joanne and i were shopping in, but they didnt have the right size. these really would match everything. everything.
this is the last pair from see kai run, the brand of the other two above. cutecutecute. all are about $30 each, give or take a few bucks.
these are from livie and luca, a brand i have liked for a while. they are soooooo adorable, and i thought you should see them.
these too, and how fun, octopuses!!!


m.wise said...

the green pair are pretty snazzy!

The Lulu said...

I looove the rainbowish ones.

My friend is having a baby shower coming up and I dont know what to get her, any advice as to what a new mommy would want? I wanted to do some cool baby clothes instead of going to Target like everyone else will but this is all new to me. Any thoughts?

carly said...

OH-KAY. I have no words for these...those pink/orange/yellow ones?! GAH!

So cute. So, SO cute.

edluv said...

kasey, ask heather. we have bought super kool kid klothes (you'd think they would be pointy white sheets by the way i just spelled that) for our friends that have had kids recently (woody's and jd/courtney) but i forget the company. maybe sara remembers.

here are some pics from georgia's blog of her wearing some of the stuff we bought.

timidvenus said...

lulu, it really depends on the type of gal that is having the baby. i mean, does she like babies and all their junk? because really, if she is one of they types of people that will love her baby, but doesnt really like baby stuff or other children, she might enjoy a day of pampering at aveda. or, if she is going to breast-feed there is a book that i highly recommend that is pretty much a baby bible, with everything you could ever want in it about how to not screw up your child (and its not all about milk boobs, but the authors are very pro-nursing, and non-nursing moms dont need to feel like they are doing everything wrong because they didnt breast-feed. but really, its the best book ever, and has been super helpful to me, my sister, and friends of mine.

so, let me know, because its the best thing ever when your friends actually want to get you and the baby something useful (or just plain cool), and that will make mom happy.

also, i will look on the tags of the clothes ed and heather got g, as they were frikkin cool clothes.

The Lulu said...

I think she would like that book. I have already heard more about leaking boobs then I ever expected or really wanted to hear about so I can only imagine when she actually has the kid what she will be talking about. she is planning on breast feeding. I think I am also going to get her a gf for a pedicure or massage too and probably a little something cool for the baby to wear like how Georgia rocks it. She is my first friend who has been pregnant (you dont count because I didnt know you then) so I want to do it right. If you could let me know that would be great!

timidvenus said...

the book is titled 'the baby book: from birth to two years" or something like that. the author is dr. william sears, and he is considered the father of what is called attachment parenting. its a bit controversial, the parenting method, but it really is the right way to raise children (lol). if you want to read up on it there is a link to his site on georgias blog. either way, the book is useful, if she isnt into attachment parenting she can just skip the first third of the book. its like 700 pages long and really useful. wev.

the clothes from the eds are from, which has super cute stuff. also, has some interesting stuff

Monticore said...

Okay back to the shoes. You have to get the brown ones. They are soooo Euro.

Also bornhip is a fun place to get cool baby clothes. I learned that Angelia Jolie shops there. Big Whoop.

I agree with the day of pampering. Also my brother is having twins so I'm thinking of paying for a diaper services for a few weeks.