Thursday, May 29, 2008

nerdy nerderton

explination of geocaching (for carly, and any others that dont know).

georgia and i went geocaching last night, in downtown bakersfield, and i decided to look for my first multi-cache (for an explination of the types of caches chick here). i put the bike trailer on my bike and we headed out . the coodinates took us to a parking lot behind an old bakersfield building, and the find told me where to go next, a spot around the front of the building, and i found the next clue. well, that one read that i needed to find some stuff, and that would lead me to the actual spot where the log book is kept. georgia and i found that, and inside the box were two finger rockets (i took one and gave it to g) and the log, which i dated and signed. anyhoo, as i was signing it a door to the building opened and i thought, 'crap, im gonna have to explain what im doing here, and my nerdiness will be revealed', but the guy said 'you found it'. lol, right? so, it turns out that this guy, along with two others at his work, is a cacher. and GET THIS: he was the first to find two of the three caches i have hidden, and his buddy at work was the first to find the other one!! how weird, right? also, he didnt look like a dork at all!!!

also, if anyone wants to, i'll be in the no on saturday and am planning on caching all day (hopefully it will be hot), and you can join me!


Adam said...

I believe the full pronunciation is Nerdy Dork Nerdington the Third.

Hedge said...

>>... he didnt look like a dork at all!!!

Nah, all those Lightspeed guys are dork-to-the-core. Don't let appearances fool you. heh!

timidvenus said...

look at hedge, with his funny comment...:)