Tuesday, May 27, 2008

making my own caches

i decided today while working at hopson (one of our mortuaries) that i would hide a geocache there. there arent any nearby, and that neighborhood has tons of good spots, so lindsey (the receptionst) and i went through the building looking for old mortuary stuff to put in there. here is a photo of what we found:
two laminated bookmarks, a pouch with the building and address on it, a little calendar from a casket company (1902 is the year on it), some super-old prayer cards with the virgin of guadalupe on them, a rosary, and a funeral register book (that i am using as the sign in log). anyway, i hid it in a bush outside the chapel, and not 30 minutes later there was a geocacher! then, 20 minutes later another one showed up!!! yippee!!!!!

so, i decided to make another one tonight that i will place tomorrow somewhere else near the mortuary. here are two photos of the tin and log book that i will be using (notice how cutely decorated they are):


George Rutherford said...

Nice. Mom told Jody about our sprinkler cache idea and she thinks it is great. I need ideas about what to put in it.

Adam said...

George, I think you should go with something bicycle related like a couple of patch kits or something like that.

carly said...

I have no idea what a geocache is.

This is my embarrassed face.

edluv said...

carlisle, didn't you read about it on adam's blog when he started?

carly said...

Lol at Carlisle (which, incidentally is a city in PA).

Ok, this geocaching is outrageously interesting. Maybe I'll steal my parents' Garmin.