Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lazy sara

1. interesting little bit. found it here.

2. went geocaching last night. didnt find the cache, but g and i had a nice dinner at an old-fashioned ice cream spot, and a yummy ice cream afterwards:

3. i read chicka chicka boom boom 5 times last night. this was my sister, bek's favorite book when she was little, and i loathe it. apparently its georgia's favorite. i thought i didnt have it memorized any longer, but, i do.

4. also, one of my favorite bloggers has a question.


Toni said...

ok, what did you find at the geocache location? Vanessa and I randomly found a mailbox on the outskirts of Shafter that said "geocash". Is this the same thing? We looked inside but there was nothing in it. bummer