Thursday, May 08, 2008

changing a tire

this evening georgia and i took a walk around the block. it was a nice night, and it was a fairly long walk (18 month olds dont do fast), and when we got back to the house i sat on the porch steps while she played in the dirt and grass (it was a bath night). a guy came up to us (i recognized him as being someone connected to my neighbor, but we had never met each other) and said that my rear passenger tire was flat, like undrivably so. so, i did what any woman would do, and got the spare out of the trunk, jacked up the car, and started to remove the lugs. except that they wouldnt move. like not one of them. not even a little. so, my across the street neighbor, josh, sees me looking all sufficient and walks over to watch this woman that can (so i thought) change a tire. he notices that i seem to not be able to get the thing loose and so loosens them for me. then he goes back home and i attempt to get the tire off, which is also stuck. so, im there, on the ground, trying to get the wheel off, and just keep nit getting it. so, after 10 minutes or so, josh notices me and comes back over, this time with his son (two years, who wanted to see georgia) and his father in law (the wife, mother in law and daughters went to see annie), and we attempt together to get the wheel off, and do not succeed. so, the next door guy sees us there, and comes over to help. he and josh finally get it loose (really it was josh, hes like superman), and josh again went home. the next door guy helped me finish the tire change, and i thanked him. turns out hes an electrician, and his wife is 4 and a half months pregnant. he gave me his card.

so, the tire is changed.


QTNEY13 said...

i would have changed your tire!!!

timidvenus said...

i dont doubt that you would have.

Gye Greene said...

Well, at least you know it wasn't just **you**. (Compared to, you know -- you can't get the tire off, and then some guy comes over and just goes "pop"!)

Tire lugnuts (? - I think that's what they're called) can be the dickens. If you think you may be out in the wilderness and needing to change a tire on your own, you might consider adding a rubber or wooden mallet to your kit, plus a tire-iron with the longest bar you can find (better leverage!).


timidvenus said...

lol, gye. ill keep that in mind before i go on my next road trip. lol, again