Friday, May 30, 2008

new tie

i had to go to target this morning to get cat food and i was looking at the dollar section and came upon a neck tie that looked like a tv remote control. well, i thought i would get it for woody since he watches tv and wears ties everyday. um, he thought it was dumb. so, here is a (not that good) photo of me wearing my new tie.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

nerdy nerderton

explination of geocaching (for carly, and any others that dont know).

georgia and i went geocaching last night, in downtown bakersfield, and i decided to look for my first multi-cache (for an explination of the types of caches chick here). i put the bike trailer on my bike and we headed out . the coodinates took us to a parking lot behind an old bakersfield building, and the find told me where to go next, a spot around the front of the building, and i found the next clue. well, that one read that i needed to find some stuff, and that would lead me to the actual spot where the log book is kept. georgia and i found that, and inside the box were two finger rockets (i took one and gave it to g) and the log, which i dated and signed. anyhoo, as i was signing it a door to the building opened and i thought, 'crap, im gonna have to explain what im doing here, and my nerdiness will be revealed', but the guy said 'you found it'. lol, right? so, it turns out that this guy, along with two others at his work, is a cacher. and GET THIS: he was the first to find two of the three caches i have hidden, and his buddy at work was the first to find the other one!! how weird, right? also, he didnt look like a dork at all!!!

also, if anyone wants to, i'll be in the no on saturday and am planning on caching all day (hopefully it will be hot), and you can join me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

making my own caches

i decided today while working at hopson (one of our mortuaries) that i would hide a geocache there. there arent any nearby, and that neighborhood has tons of good spots, so lindsey (the receptionst) and i went through the building looking for old mortuary stuff to put in there. here is a photo of what we found:
two laminated bookmarks, a pouch with the building and address on it, a little calendar from a casket company (1902 is the year on it), some super-old prayer cards with the virgin of guadalupe on them, a rosary, and a funeral register book (that i am using as the sign in log). anyway, i hid it in a bush outside the chapel, and not 30 minutes later there was a geocacher! then, 20 minutes later another one showed up!!! yippee!!!!!

so, i decided to make another one tonight that i will place tomorrow somewhere else near the mortuary. here are two photos of the tin and log book that i will be using (notice how cutely decorated they are):

my make-up came in!!!!

our friends, dana and julie came over last night and julie said that there was a package on the porch (how did i not notice that???). anyway, it was my makeup from!!!

here is julie holding up the bag:

here is my eyeliner. yippee!

and here is a funnie photo. sooooooo cute!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

tattoo progress

photo of the begining. she finished all the outline and had started on the yellow fill (the red you see in the upper part of the flower petal is blood, notice that below its really yellow there).
finished and puffy, right after it was done.
peely and gross, about 3 days after the tattoo.
and today. soooooooo purdy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

omg (baby) shoes

all this talk about shoes has got me looking all over the clickyweb. my aunt joanne took georgia and me shopping this past weekend while we were in san jose. she bought her this pair of shoes:
super cute, i know, and orange. georgia wears more orange than other children, i am sure, and this pair of shoes is worn with all outfits, regardless of matching.
these are more from the same company as the orange ones, and i saw them in the store joanne and i were shopping in, but they didnt have the right size. these really would match everything. everything.
this is the last pair from see kai run, the brand of the other two above. cutecutecute. all are about $30 each, give or take a few bucks.
these are from livie and luca, a brand i have liked for a while. they are soooooo adorable, and i thought you should see them.
these too, and how fun, octopuses!!!

lazy sara

1. interesting little bit. found it here.

2. went geocaching last night. didnt find the cache, but g and i had a nice dinner at an old-fashioned ice cream spot, and a yummy ice cream afterwards:

3. i read chicka chicka boom boom 5 times last night. this was my sister, bek's favorite book when she was little, and i loathe it. apparently its georgia's favorite. i thought i didnt have it memorized any longer, but, i do.

4. also, one of my favorite bloggers has a question.

Monday, May 19, 2008


i found my first (using my own gps) cache tonight. it was in downtown bakos. yay!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


saw this truck today on my way home from the shafter office:

um, what about our daughters???
just kidding. what i was really going to say was how do people get their whole rear window covered in sticker and still see out? can they? where do you go to get something like that? i bet its some secret society of super-sticker-on-my-car people...
i had to gat more cat food today, and fancy feast (the only food tappolina will eat) had a free gift in the box, this nice (acrylic) crystal bowl. whats funny is that the past few weeks we have noticed that her food dish (that is on the front porch) has been missing. now, i have this cute set of five ceramic bowls that are too small for much else than cat food, and there are now three (maybe four) missing. someone has stolen them off the porch, or tappolina is selling them or something. i dont know. so, i switched to using these little plastic snack bowls that are georgias, and even one of those was gone. whats the deal??? so, we will see how long this fancy feast one lasts.
georgia likes ketchup. i took this photo of her dipping her finger in it and licking it. at least its not mayonnaise.
and here she is drinking a 44 ounce iced tea from sonic. gotta love america.

also, no photo for this one, but regina spektor rocks. i was recommended her by my friend, carrie, and i super-love her music. i hadnt ever heard of her before, but i wish i had.

truck pride

this photo didnt turn out that well. i was on the freeway and saw this silverado with the word 'silverado' painted (stickered?) on the back, with flames coming out of either side. whatever, right? the thing is though, the font was an arts and crafts font, which soooooooooo does not look good with flames. i mean, imagine some frank loyd wright boxy design, and add flames. doesnt really sound that cute, right? and it wasnt. it was silly. also, i put an example of the type of font im talking about at the bottom. (also, sorry for the bird poo on on the windshield of my car in the photo of the stupid truck.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i dont feel like blogging

check back later

Thursday, May 08, 2008

changing a tire

this evening georgia and i took a walk around the block. it was a nice night, and it was a fairly long walk (18 month olds dont do fast), and when we got back to the house i sat on the porch steps while she played in the dirt and grass (it was a bath night). a guy came up to us (i recognized him as being someone connected to my neighbor, but we had never met each other) and said that my rear passenger tire was flat, like undrivably so. so, i did what any woman would do, and got the spare out of the trunk, jacked up the car, and started to remove the lugs. except that they wouldnt move. like not one of them. not even a little. so, my across the street neighbor, josh, sees me looking all sufficient and walks over to watch this woman that can (so i thought) change a tire. he notices that i seem to not be able to get the thing loose and so loosens them for me. then he goes back home and i attempt to get the tire off, which is also stuck. so, im there, on the ground, trying to get the wheel off, and just keep nit getting it. so, after 10 minutes or so, josh notices me and comes back over, this time with his son (two years, who wanted to see georgia) and his father in law (the wife, mother in law and daughters went to see annie), and we attempt together to get the wheel off, and do not succeed. so, the next door guy sees us there, and comes over to help. he and josh finally get it loose (really it was josh, hes like superman), and josh again went home. the next door guy helped me finish the tire change, and i thanked him. turns out hes an electrician, and his wife is 4 and a half months pregnant. he gave me his card.

so, the tire is changed.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

secret admirer?

i came home yesterday to these lovely sweet peas on my porch. they are from my neighbor, who does not have a crush on me. they smell soooooooooooooooo good!!!!

meme again

the rules: all answers have to start with the same letter as does your first name.

1. What is your name? sara
2. A four-letter word: ship
3. A vehicle: saab
4. A city: saskatoon
5. A boy's name: shadrack
6. A girl's name: sally
7. Alcoholic drink: stout
8. An occupation: sales person
9. Something you wear: shoes
10. A celebrity: spears
11. A food: salami
12. Something found in a bathroom: straightening iron
13. Reason for being late: stopped for a complete 3 seconds
14. Something you shout: stop it
15. An animal: snake
16. A body part: skin

got it here

Monday, May 05, 2008

makeup for a dollar

so, theres this makeup company that is being bought out by nordstroms or something. most of their products are $1.

i went on it tonight (i had laughed at my neighbor that spent $77 on makeup (77 things at $1 a piece???)) and had 46 items in my cart. now, i know 46 makeups for $46 sounds like a super deal, and it is, but i couldnt help going to (a coupon code site) to see if they had anything on there for my purchase. well, they did, and my total (including shipping) was $37.77


Sunday, May 04, 2008


i think 'gezellig' is the word monica at tower tattoos taught me. she said it means cozy. she speaks dutch.

anyhoo, heres how the tattoo turned out:

Friday, May 02, 2008

dont care? well, read it anyway

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
graduating from edison high school

2. 5 things on my "to do" list:

  • print poppy pictures
  • make business cards for a fake person/job
  • send ecard to aunt joanne
  • attempt to spend the WHOLE workday on facebook
  • get a salami sandwich

3. Snacks I enjoy:

  • cheese
  • salami
  • honey
  • not bananas
  • not chocolate
  • saladitos

4. Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire:

  • get the expensive disneyland pass
  • quit working
  • hire tart to be georgias nanny
  • buy a house in fresno
  • get a wii

5. My 5 bad habits: (Only 5?)

  • interrupting
  • knowing everything. all the time
  • eating honey. all the time
  • not showering
  • interrupting, again

6. Places I've lived:

  • fresno, ca
  • arvin, ca
  • santa ana, ca
  • bakersfield, ca

7. Five jobs I've had:

  • hostess/waitress
  • childrens book seller
  • mortician
  • mother