Monday, April 14, 2008

science and christianity

so, ive been thinking a bit lately about christianity and science, and the way the two dont tend to mix very well. it bothers me that scientists (i realize this is a generalization, and a lot of what i have to say here will be generalizing) have this view that christians are a bunch of idiots when it comes to science-related topics, or worse, that they are un, or under, educated, or worse still, completely blind to the 'truth' that science has to offer (forgive me for the use of quotes there, but i cant seem to use the word truth without them). it also bothers me that christians have a cold view towards scientists, and almost disregard the things that science has to offer, and that they are intolerant of views other than their own (now, i do understand that this can be said for many subjects, and many groups other than christians).

anyway, my real problem is this: i am tired of feeling like i cannot have faith, or believe in God having created the universe, and everything in it, in order to not be seen in a skewed way toward scientists that embrace other theories of how we all got here. i am tired of not having science buddies not understand what sort of incredible faith it takes to know the things i have learned in my years as a science nerd and still believe in God having a part in it all. i want them to understand that its okay to believe and not know.

i am also tired of feeling guilty for taking part in what i feel is the most beautiful thing: science, and math, because it may not always agree with the things the christian church embraces. it is vital that we are able to openly question. its okay, really, and i want christians to understand that it doesnt take away from the importance of God, it only adds. i want them to understand that being able to have faith, through all of the scientific theories, is improtant.

its okay to have science and christianity, it doesnt have to be a competition.


Fishy said...

i just want you to know that i fell in love with your daughter this weekend, she is awesome.

timidvenus said...

yeah, she had tons of fun with you.

Monticore said...

Hear, hear Sara. Maybe it's just me but so many disciplines seem to have conflict with religion or maybe it is the other way around. Take art or psychology just as an example from my house. I think it has to do with people struggling with how to merge their lives and their spirituality. Most religious text did not give a lot of practical guidelines regarding the study of other areas. well those are just my unfinished unfleshed out thoughts

George Rutherford said...

Your mom says she agrees. I'm proud of you both.

flowgun said...

My favorite part of teaching 5th grade is teaching science. And it's not surface level stuff either. These kids learn about cellular respiration. Then know how to classify living things (yeah, my kids can straight tell you the difference between protists and bacteria!). They can also explain how differences in air pressure and uneven heating of the earth's surface create sea breezes and land breezes. These are eleven year olds.

And with every lesson I gain more appreciation God and His creation.

edluv said...

let's not forget there are also examples of how science and faith have worked together (or art & faith, etc). also, i also think there a a lot of people of faith that work in the sciences.

but, i agree that it is unfortunate that these groups tend to have an adversarial relationship.

Uncle Skip said...

Thought provoking!!!
What probably bothers me me most isn't the adversarial relationship, but that some folks make it personal rather than issues oriented. But then those same folks seem take everything personally.