Tuesday, April 29, 2008

music and a sign

i have added some music to my sidebar, please take note and purchase for me if youd like (i will send a thank-you note).

also, this is a photo i took on my way to work this morning of a church sign in shafter. it has scrolling words, and is changed quite often. the sayings are usually humorous, and its nice to know the time and temperature. today it read something like 'when in doubt, read the instrustions (the Bible)'. it actually read 'the Bible' in parenthesis. i thought that was sooooooooo funny, that they felt they had to specify what they meant by instructions. lol, right? maybe being brought up christian has made me think that people would automatically know what was meant by instrustions. whatev. i laughed.


Adam said...

I don't know, it's a good piece of general advice. If you are having trouble with your TV, you probably should read the instructions (that came with the TV because the Bible doesn't say much on boobtube operation (you like how I put a parenthetical statement in just to clarify and then put another one inside of that just to be sure?)).

carly said...

that made me laugh...especially because i imagined the staff meeting the took place.

pastor jones: "and it'll say, 'read the instructions'! cute, huh?"

elder whats-er-face: "what if people don't get it?"

edluv said...

"elder what-er-face"