Thursday, April 17, 2008


my mom paints and draws. she has done a number of murals and i am planning on having her do one for georgias room, when she moves out of the nursery. i think what i will end up doing though, is hav her do it on a huge canvas instead of the wall, so that i can take it with me when we move in the future. here is what im having her do:


Ann Thrope said...

Why does the tail not start until mid thigh? Does that mermaid have a crotch and butt crack? 'cause that just ain't right.

Demirep said...

I think it's really sweet - mind you I'm a pisces so I'm biased.

timidvenus said...

yeah, i noticed the weird tail thing too, but its soooooooo kyoot! also, you cant tell here, theres GLITTER!!! on the mermaids tail and on the fishies!!!