Thursday, April 24, 2008


i was on the freeway last night going from shafter to bakersfield and i came upon this gigantic bus that read 'ludacris' in fancy letters. as i approached it i saw that there was also luda's face HUGE painted on the side of the bus. i slowed down to try to get a photo of it (sorry for the poor quality of the pic). so, it also read 'battleground earth' and a few other things that i cant remember. it also read ludacris vs tommy lee, and so i wondered where tommy lees bus was. well, i soon came upon it as well, with his face on the side of his bus. this link is all ive got to explain what theyre up to. not too interesting, but ill take what i can get as far as excitement in bakersfield. can you believe, famous people had their busses drive through our little town??? lol.


carly said...

i have a confession.

i love luda. kind of a lot.

The Lulu said...

Luda! Did you shake your money maker when you saw it like hey, hey , hey!
I am a Luda fan as well:)

Adam said...

I believe Luda's response would be thus:

My business, my biznass
Stay the f*** up out my biznass

timidvenus said...

i love love love luda. hes great.

also, adam, its funny to read your comment in your voice. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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