Thursday, April 17, 2008

birthday fortunes

if you want me to do yours, put your date in the comments.

feb 28 (me)
you are spiritually inclined and your interest in religion is absorbing, but your analytical mind will not let you accept any doctrine or follow any sect without understanding it. you are loving and sincere and fond of travel and outdoor sports.

april 30 (adam)
you are frank and very outspoken and sometimes unintentionally hurt others' feelings. you are faithful, dependable, and conscientious. to those you love, you are devoted and have their deep and sincere affection.

nov 24 (mike)
you are very concieted, have good self-control, and are ambitious and idealistic, but you lack perserverance and quite often fall short of attaining your goal. you are musical and artistic, loyal to your friends, and loving in your home.

apr 7 (monti)
you are an enthusiastic planner, and you carry out your plans in the easiest way rather than to a glorious finish. you love social life and enjoy entertaining. your love is ardent and enduring.

apr 19 (bstigs)
you have an artistic temperament and are intulectual and fond of music and travel. you enjoy outdoor sports. you should take great pride in your posessions and abilities and use them to your best advantage. you are sincere and will have many close friendships.

mar 31 (carly)
you are intillectual, kindhearted, and loving. you enjoy music and have quite an artistic temperament. women born on this day make devoted wives and excellent mothers and are the very nucleus of the home.

oct 24 (jay)
you are perservering and determined and sometimes quite obstinate. your determination of purpose brings you much success. you are a loyal friend and a bitter enemy. you are better liked by the opposite sex. your love will not be a smooth path, but on the whole, you will be happy.

feb 29 (demirep)
you are gentle and sympathetic and considerate of others, and you are easily influenced, and like a change of environment. your love of literature colors your conversation so that you are in great social demand. you can redily adapt yourself to circumstances. you like attention and your love is true.

jan 30 (carrie)
you are capable of exerting a great deal of influence over those of whom you come in contact, and you should be careful using it. develop your mind to the extent of its capabilities. you are not demonstrative, but you can and will love with a true, strong passion.

june 9 (leah)
you are charming and gracious and have a sweet disposition. you have a keen and active mind, are determined and concentrated in your work and have a goodly amount of executive ability. you ar a good entertainer and are popular in your own social circle.


Monticore said...

interesting. Mine is April 7th

Anonymous said...

oh me too! April 19

carly said...

march 31st!

The Jay said...

ooo ooo oct 24th :D

Monticore said...

Um yeah that totally isn't me. They didn't mention anything about naps.

Demirep said...

Feb. 29

Anonymous said...

I love these things! I'm worried for Jay though his love will not be a smooth path....well I'm screwed!

Carrie said...

January 30 - If you aren't already sick of doing it.

Leah said...

ooh ooh! me too! June 9