Wednesday, April 30, 2008

quizy quiz

i was reading shakesville this morning and i found a post with a link to find out how muslim one is. now, it seems a bit off, to have a quiz like that, but i thought id take it. turns out i am 77% muslim, which makes sense, because christianity and islam are at least 77% the same, so...

anyway, if you want to you can take the quiz here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

music and a sign

i have added some music to my sidebar, please take note and purchase for me if youd like (i will send a thank-you note).

also, this is a photo i took on my way to work this morning of a church sign in shafter. it has scrolling words, and is changed quite often. the sayings are usually humorous, and its nice to know the time and temperature. today it read something like 'when in doubt, read the instrustions (the Bible)'. it actually read 'the Bible' in parenthesis. i thought that was sooooooooo funny, that they felt they had to specify what they meant by instructions. lol, right? maybe being brought up christian has made me think that people would automatically know what was meant by instrustions. whatev. i laughed.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


i was on the freeway last night going from shafter to bakersfield and i came upon this gigantic bus that read 'ludacris' in fancy letters. as i approached it i saw that there was also luda's face HUGE painted on the side of the bus. i slowed down to try to get a photo of it (sorry for the poor quality of the pic). so, it also read 'battleground earth' and a few other things that i cant remember. it also read ludacris vs tommy lee, and so i wondered where tommy lees bus was. well, i soon came upon it as well, with his face on the side of his bus. this link is all ive got to explain what theyre up to. not too interesting, but ill take what i can get as far as excitement in bakersfield. can you believe, famous people had their busses drive through our little town??? lol.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

poppy photos

i need photos of california poppies for my tattoo. these are ones i took with my phone, and if you have time, and a camera, and are around poppies, please take a photo or two and email me. thanks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

art by alphonse mucha (my favorite artist, except for my mom, and ed)

Monday, April 21, 2008

backyard survival

so, georgia has this kids backyard survival kit thing, and its so strange. i mean, its neat, but one of the contents doesnt make sense to me. here is the list of what came in the kit:
1. tent
2. sleeping bag
3. water bottle
4. flashlight
5. backpack
6. headband

now, i dont know about you, but when i go camping, even if its in the backyard, i dont bother with hair things. why did a headband come with this kit?? i cannot figure it out. and its not one of those sweat catching ones. its a plastic headband with little butterflies on it. wha?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

birthday fortunes

if you want me to do yours, put your date in the comments.

feb 28 (me)
you are spiritually inclined and your interest in religion is absorbing, but your analytical mind will not let you accept any doctrine or follow any sect without understanding it. you are loving and sincere and fond of travel and outdoor sports.

april 30 (adam)
you are frank and very outspoken and sometimes unintentionally hurt others' feelings. you are faithful, dependable, and conscientious. to those you love, you are devoted and have their deep and sincere affection.

nov 24 (mike)
you are very concieted, have good self-control, and are ambitious and idealistic, but you lack perserverance and quite often fall short of attaining your goal. you are musical and artistic, loyal to your friends, and loving in your home.

apr 7 (monti)
you are an enthusiastic planner, and you carry out your plans in the easiest way rather than to a glorious finish. you love social life and enjoy entertaining. your love is ardent and enduring.

apr 19 (bstigs)
you have an artistic temperament and are intulectual and fond of music and travel. you enjoy outdoor sports. you should take great pride in your posessions and abilities and use them to your best advantage. you are sincere and will have many close friendships.

mar 31 (carly)
you are intillectual, kindhearted, and loving. you enjoy music and have quite an artistic temperament. women born on this day make devoted wives and excellent mothers and are the very nucleus of the home.

oct 24 (jay)
you are perservering and determined and sometimes quite obstinate. your determination of purpose brings you much success. you are a loyal friend and a bitter enemy. you are better liked by the opposite sex. your love will not be a smooth path, but on the whole, you will be happy.

feb 29 (demirep)
you are gentle and sympathetic and considerate of others, and you are easily influenced, and like a change of environment. your love of literature colors your conversation so that you are in great social demand. you can redily adapt yourself to circumstances. you like attention and your love is true.

jan 30 (carrie)
you are capable of exerting a great deal of influence over those of whom you come in contact, and you should be careful using it. develop your mind to the extent of its capabilities. you are not demonstrative, but you can and will love with a true, strong passion.

june 9 (leah)
you are charming and gracious and have a sweet disposition. you have a keen and active mind, are determined and concentrated in your work and have a goodly amount of executive ability. you ar a good entertainer and are popular in your own social circle.


my mom paints and draws. she has done a number of murals and i am planning on having her do one for georgias room, when she moves out of the nursery. i think what i will end up doing though, is hav her do it on a huge canvas instead of the wall, so that i can take it with me when we move in the future. here is what im having her do:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


UPDATE: i also bought a fortune telling birthday book. if you want to know about yourself, put your date of birth in the comments section.

picked up a couple of good books today, p o r n for women, and p o r n for new moms. both are full of photos of men with captions that are absolutely hilarious. anyway, here are a few examples (on the pfw site they are available as ecards), and if you have time, and care at all check out their blog. not updated often, but a couple of the posts were decent.

Monday, April 14, 2008

science and christianity

so, ive been thinking a bit lately about christianity and science, and the way the two dont tend to mix very well. it bothers me that scientists (i realize this is a generalization, and a lot of what i have to say here will be generalizing) have this view that christians are a bunch of idiots when it comes to science-related topics, or worse, that they are un, or under, educated, or worse still, completely blind to the 'truth' that science has to offer (forgive me for the use of quotes there, but i cant seem to use the word truth without them). it also bothers me that christians have a cold view towards scientists, and almost disregard the things that science has to offer, and that they are intolerant of views other than their own (now, i do understand that this can be said for many subjects, and many groups other than christians).

anyway, my real problem is this: i am tired of feeling like i cannot have faith, or believe in God having created the universe, and everything in it, in order to not be seen in a skewed way toward scientists that embrace other theories of how we all got here. i am tired of not having science buddies not understand what sort of incredible faith it takes to know the things i have learned in my years as a science nerd and still believe in God having a part in it all. i want them to understand that its okay to believe and not know.

i am also tired of feeling guilty for taking part in what i feel is the most beautiful thing: science, and math, because it may not always agree with the things the christian church embraces. it is vital that we are able to openly question. its okay, really, and i want christians to understand that it doesnt take away from the importance of God, it only adds. i want them to understand that being able to have faith, through all of the scientific theories, is improtant.

its okay to have science and christianity, it doesnt have to be a competition.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i really lol'd

to read more about schrodingers cat click here.

source for picture

how many elements can you name?

my friend, sam, sent me a game on facebook to see how many of the elements i could name in 15 minutes. well, i finally took the test, and it turns out i can only do 63/118. i did stop with four and a half minutes to go, but if you dont know any more why bother looking at it still. also, spelling has to be exact (something chem professors never required), so a few of them i had to try more than once (who knew phosphorus was spelled like that??). anyhoo, my results are below, the red ones were the ones i didnt know.

go here if you want to see how many you know.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


so, theres this website called find a grave that i have been a member of for about three years now full of photographs of headstones. it probably started as a site for famous peoples markers, but they have non famous people as well. you can even leave a note on the page displaying the persons headstone, or request a photograph of one they dont have yet. every now and then i get an email requesting a photo of a marker in kern county, so i go to the cemetery the email lists and find the headstone and take a picture of it and upload it to the site. anyway, here are some famouses that i like:

richard feynman

salvador dali

audrey hepburn

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

well, if ann thrope is gonna do it

i made an appointment for a consultation with monica at tower tattoos a few days ago, and was thinking i wouldnt post about it so that my parents wouldnt be disapointed in me, but i am getting excited and cant help myself. i have been wanting a tattoo of a california poppy for a while, and have decided on where. i sketched out the placement of it, and my apointment with monica is on sunday the 13th of april to see what she thinks of the whole thing. also, i have drawn the model much thinner than myself.

and, amber gave me a super-nice montblanc pen.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

funny graphs

theres a site that is linked to from i can has cheezburger? that is frikkin hilarious, so im adding it to my sidebar. funny graphs. here are two examples:

taken from here and here